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Ti Dinzeo streams?

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After an amazing one whole viewer on the stream today I'm going to ask again, what would people like to see on my stream and how can I improve it? What would make want to come, watch and chat with me and each other?

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I'm trying to make a cohesive look for my twitch channel and my youtube channel but I don't know what my 'brand' is. Anyone got any ideas? Basically, what do people think of when they think of me?

I'm interested in anything right now as I'm staring at a blank GIMP window trying to decide what needs to be there.

Also, if anyone knows how to build a personal brand I'm interested in any advice you may have.

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As for the first part, I ask myself that, a lot.

But, my FNV character was the showcase item (at the time), so, I went with it, and who better than to have a confused, clueless, cannibal-maid "wanna-be" as the main selling point?

Not like anyone else really did it before...I think.

Maybe a sort of "mash-up" of various characters you've played, as a banner/wallpaper, maybe with a UK flag in the background somewhere.

I think I'd have to look up how "branding" works, I'm not sure if copyright would be involved, or to what extent...if it is.

A nice font and a good gaming motto can go far.

As far as a general "feeling" about your twitch, it's pretty laid-back, and people there aren't usually being little trolls...usually it's good company to hang with, and you do some funny stuff sometimes, so I find it entertaining.

And like I said, for the rest of you guys and gals that go there, you're all pretty damn cool too...

So yeah, that's a tough one Ti, but, I'm pretty sure you'll come up with something nice.  :)


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