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23 hours ago, Moren said:

Are you ever streaming on twitch or oploading to youtube?


I occasionally stream on Twitch, but I usually only fire the stream up for post-stream GoI if I get at least a ship full of minions. Which I have to concede is quite rare as of late. When it comes to youtube, I've been thinking about starting a sort of a tutorial series showing the ships with some basic loadouts and somesuch, but that'll have to wait until I unlock the Magnate in game. Gotta look good while doing it!

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I miss those days too! And I can't wait for Alliance to come out. I really had no idea I would enjoy this game this much, but having so much fun with you guys made all the difference.

  • 2 weeks later...

We are flying again! Just me and Vice for now, but if you find yourself reading this, feel free to join us! We are on teamspeak as always!

Our flight had to end sooner than we had hoped, as unfortunate as it is. Maybe next time we can make it a longer expedition?

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I said we'd fly, and fly we did! Didn't remember to announce it here, but I'm doing it now. We chose to brave the world of PvP for a change, given that we couldn't wrest the victory in the bigger war from the hands of Northern Guard. I blame Chaladon for bringing Immortal Insurrection down. One should not take personal offence on that note though: I always blame Chaladon when things go wrong in the good world of GoI. Their story has painted them as too obvious good guys.

As for the matches themselves, we tried out a disabler Pyramidion on the first, worked better than I dared expect against a Squid, guess the efficient use of port-astern Banshee Light Rocket Carousel made all the difference in the more close ranged encounters. The next one left me and Vice somewhat annoyed... we had the questionable honour of facing a minesweeper Squid, and let me tell you that ship made our flight unbearably difficult. We eventually lost that match, but having won the first it didn't put too much of a damper on our good mood. I hope to have a jolly good expedition to the skies once more in the near future!

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After all this time of absolutely nothing it's time again! Our engines shall carry us to the skies!

The Mercantile got their unlikely heroes back for tonight as I and my first mate Vice Dellos took to the skies. Just the two of us this time I'm afraid, but I hope in the near future we can get some new and old blood to hop in and provide assistance :)

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The conclusion of the night
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