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Its not just the voice acting that doesn't work for Barry, its also now quite clear that there are no low intelligence or failed-skillcheck responses. Yet another example of this game being watered down compared to previous games.
No comic low intelligence dialogue, no comic skill-fail dialogue.

Also, among many other missing things, no prostitutes.
It still irks me as a thematic and immersion thing more than anything else; the world's oldest industry is a major part of all previous games and yet its conspicuously absent here,

In Diamond City which doesn't have everything, but also in Goodneighbor which is supposed to be vice-central and Bunker Hill where one would expect services which caravan guards would want to avail themselves of.


On another note, a VATS note.

Better sights greatly improve VATS accuracy, so for a VATS run you should put the most powerful sight you can on pretty much every weapon, except maybe one or two you want to keep for free-aim.

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