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So, following Jan, I will just introduce some of my characters as well:

No longer valid (see recent post below).

1. Ec'hidd (my current main, Dunmer, Daggerfall Covenant, Nightblade DPS, bow & dual wield, VR1

2. Ec'oh (my Blacksmith, Redguard, Daggerfall Covenant, Dragonknight tank and pyromancer, one hand and shield & destruction staff, VR4)

3. Ecchoh (my Woodworker and Clothier, Dunmer, Aldmeri Dominion, Dragonknight tank and pyromancer, one hand and shield & destruction staff, VR1)

4. Ecc'hael (my Alchemist, Breton, Daggerfall Covenant, Templar healer, restoration staff & two-handed, level 40)

5. El'iyoth (my Provisioner and Enchanter, Redguard, Daggerfall Covenant, Nightblade w/o combat skills, bow & two-handed, level 21)

(this was my first character I started to level after rerolling several times during early-access)

...The rest of my characters are currently bank alts and not worth mentioning.

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I thought I should update my character overview, since it has changed a lot during the last months ;)


Ec'oh: VR14 Dragonknight Tank/DPS (Werewolf, DC)

This is currently my main character I do all the endgame content with. I've hit max level with him only some weeks before christmas, and I had really good time doing veteran dungeons and trials since then. Especially the daily dungeon pledges are a lot of fun. One boss in each veteran dungeon has a (pretty low) chance to drop a unique helmet that is part of the new undaunted 2-piece gear sets, which have really cool set bonuses.

Here is an example of a full set that I use when tanking:

bloodspawn_1.jpg bloodspawn_2.jpg Ec_oh_tank.jpg


For those who don't want to fix their role yet, or want to be able to switch around even at max level (like me between tanking and DPS), one of Wykkyd's addons ('outfitter') allows to switch between gear and skill sets with one click. Since my dragonknights DPS is based on magicka while he needs more health when tanking, I've spent the attribute points and enchanted my gear in such a way that I can get the right numbers (softcap magic when DPS and softcap health when tanking) just by switching out gear. I am not sure how this will work out after update 6 is out though, since the softcaps will be removed and also damage by bosses will be increased.

My other characters:

El_ioth.jpg El'ioth: VR13 Sorceress (stamina based DPS, DC)

Ec_hidd.jpg Ec'hidd: VR12 Nightblade (magic based DPS, DC)

Ecc_hael.jpg Ecc'hael: VR1 Templar (healer, DC)

Ecchoh.jpg Ecchoh: VR1 Dragonknight (crafter, AD)

El_iyoth.jpg El'iyoth: Level 27 Nightblade (stamina based, provisioner, DC)

Elenoire.jpg Elenoire: Level 9 Templar (stamina based DPS, DC)

Now I am curious what you guys are running. I've seen many in AD recently, is this a trend?

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Should have moved this from the old forum a long time ago.

Meet my trio:


Rocher Ferrero

Rocher Ferrero was raised as proper servant to a local rich men, but cut his throat and run away.

She then was adopted by an old disgraced fight school mentor, who thought her the specialities of swordplay.

When her master was killed by raiding bandits she pursued the attackers, but still got one on the run today.

She has heard of an orc's call for minions and could think of no better than to serve a new master.

Profession: Servant

Skills: Provisioning, Dual Wielding, Alchemy

Alliance: Daggerfall Covernant


Hii-as A-Kit

His origin remains mysterious, the only thing known is his love for strange substances.

Profession: Healer

Skills: Restoring Light, Staff and Bow fighting, Enchanting, Tailoring

Alliance: Deggerfall Covenant


Leonard Weißhaupt (his hair is actually more white than that)

Born, raised and still inhabiting Kenarthis Rast. He enjoyed good education through his moderately wealthy family. Now works as smith and has expressed a thirst for adventure.

Profession: Smith

Skills: Blacksmithing, 2-Handed Weapons

Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion

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My characters in The Elder Scrolls Online so far:

So basically I have been playing some more recently, and some things have changed. I deleted my EP Nord and my templar, and made a new DC Templar, with the Nord's name. And some of my characters have actually leveled some now.

I also downloaded the EU server, and made 2 characters there. I don't know how much I will use them yet.

I thought it best to make this a whole new post :)

North American Server:

__Jander Uthistyr____Yazdug gra-Shagar_______Jandev_________Jorlana Arlas___


______Jeetsah_______Iszara Banhkoriz__


For starters, my current main. A Breton Nightblade dps'er (dual wield/bow). Stamina based for now. Werewolf, Night's Silence, Hunding's Rage. Daggerfall Covenant. Currently Veteran Rank 4.

He has taken off his hat with (full) facemask for this introduction.

His name is Jander Uthistyr


The character I played a lot lately, Yazdug gra-Shagar (Orc, Dragonknight, tank). I did my best to combine in her as many things I am not used to play as possible :P

She is an orc. I never played an orc before. She is a dragon knight. I hated the idea of a dragon knight. She is a tank. Not my playstyle at all :P

At the moment I have played mainly PvP with her. She is kicking behind there as a frontline fighter! She has spread out attributes. Seducer's and Hist Bark sets.

Level 37.

Yazdug gra-Shagar


I deleted 2 characters I never played and combined them into 1. This character is gonna make my name proud. He is a Breton Templar. He is gonna be my main healer. Restoration staff. Daggerfall Covenant.

Level 7.

Meet Jandev!


The next character I made for giggles. I had to quickly make a new character in DC to play together with Marie, Xelphos and Tophers.

So I made a woman. She is yet another nightblade, but she uses a greatsword for now. She is a very small Bosmer, which makes the greatsword look hilariously large. Currently level 8 (we didn't end up continuing these characters).

Jorana Arlas


Then my character who I enjoyed most during the Beta, because he looks so awesome!

I do love Khajiit, and I especially like the fact that I could make him look like a lion, but with tigerish stripes, and black.

Another nightblade dual wielder (sorry guys, it is my favourite and therefore my best playstyle). Aldmeri Dominion. Currently level 8.



My last character (Redguard, Sorcerer) for now is my bank character, but I think she is pretty, so I would not want to keep her from you all:

Iszara Banhkoriz


European Server:

_Shandev Zanimar____Ysara Greenhart_


A Dunmer Dragon Knight. All about fire damage. (Flame) Destruction Staff. Daggerfall Covenant.

Level 6.

Shandev Zanimar


A Breton Templar. She will be my healer. Restoration Staff. Daggerfall Covenant.

Level 7.

Ysara Greenhart


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I think it is time to update my chars as well (sorry for the large images ... couldn't find the spoiler tags in the new forum):


Jennesta (DC - Redguard - Sorceress - DPS - VR14)            Haskeer gro-Malog (DC - Orc - Dragon Knight - Tank - VR3)


Alain Frey (DC - Breton - Templar - Healer - VR1)                  Nazír (DC - Redguard - Nightblade - DPS - lvl 7)


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So, I was playing around on https://www.heroforge.com/ and I decided to recreate my character Jander Uthistyr as far as I could.

Quite a fun website with nice customizability for creating your own miniature statue thingies (that you can actually buy):


Here's a dedicated thread where @Philosophercat and I tried recreating some of Gopher's characters and more :D

Edited by JandeV

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59 minutes ago, Yor said:

Interesting, how much does such a figurine cost?

A lot...
These prices are excluding shipment and import taxes... https://www.heroforge.com/Pricing/

But hey, it's a start! I can only imagine 3D printing of custom figurines and such will get much cheaper in the near future. Until then, this is just a lot of fun to play around with, and if you really want one, it could be worth the money to get a pretty Ultra Detail Plastic or even Bronze one (too bad those only come in the 30 mm size...)
I would not recommend creating and buying a full chessboard set just yet though :P

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1 hour ago, Yor said:

Interesting, how much does such a figurine cost?

It depends on scale and material.  The cheapest is $14.99 for 30mm scale and Strong Plastic material going up to $219.99 for 4x scale in Strong Plastic.

The 30mm scale is the only one with all of the material options, (Ultra detail plastic, Strong plastic, Steel, Bronze) the 2x scale only has Strong Plastic and steel options and the 4x scale only comes in Strong Plastic.


For those who don't know and are playing around with the build system, you can switch genres and access the options from the others any time whilst you're building them.

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