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The Witcher 3 mod recomendations

Arjy Yu

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On 19.09.2016 at 4:05 PM, Arjy Yu said:

personally i dislike rolling in both W2 and W3 - and now there is an option to fix it

Pirouettes (beta)

unfortunately, this mod was not updated ever since

however, now we have another - and maybe even better - alternative

DreLL's E3DodgeSystem


Investigating the Witcher 3 files I was able to bring back most of the animations seen in the E3 2014 Demo. Also I include more dodges replacing the vanilla Rolls. Of course I'm giving some options to choose which roll you want to use in the files section.

There are Two options in the file section: DodgeOnly which contains Flips, Dodgebacks and SideDodges  and FullMod which include also wielding animations and swordplays.

You can also choose which variant of rolls you want:

Variant 1: forward + roll button = Forward Move   []   Backward + roll button = Backward Move
Variant 2: forward + roll button = 90DegreeMove  []   backward + roll button = Backward Move

Variant 3 :Vanilla Rolls

Update 1.2 InProgress

# Vanilla roll happens when rolling straight forward occasionally // more variety of moves.
# new swordplays //fits better to combat moves.
# Added forward dodges with different animations // removed side  e3 dodges // Of course I'll give an option with them. (I'm not using forward dodges tbh)
#Optional Download for only "Swordplays and wielding animation"



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looks like a few interesting mods came up lately )

Slower Gametime 1.31 GoG GotY


This started out as a pet peeve but after playing with it for a while I noticed that it made the game better with it. When you first start a new game there is an in-game cut scene where Geralt mentions they should begin moving because the sun is about to come up, even though the sun has already came up at that point. This bugged me so I edited the timescale. Now when Geralt mentions this the sun has not came up yet, but by the time you finish fighting the first batch of ghouls the day will begin to break.


By default 15 minutes pass in game for every minute in real life. This mod changes that so only 5 minutes pass in game for every minute in real

I also just added a 10 minute to 1 version by request.

This is for Game Version 1.31 GOTY GoG.



Friendly HUD - Enhanced Markers


This mod's purpose is to enhance the 3D markers feature of Friendly HUD by adding new kind of markers and tweaking the way they are displayed.
My main purpose by doing that is to be able to play the game without using the minimap.


New markers

  • Undiscovered places show a white <?>.
  • Available quests (on NPCs or noticeboard) show a yellow <!>.
  • Merchants show a white <$>.
  • Undiscovered roadsigns show a yellow <¤>, while discovered ones show a green <¤>.
  • And if you have installed the mod All Quest Objectives On Map, your current quests show a <!?> which color depends on the quest level.

New behavior

  • Markers are only displayed if they are in sight of the player;
  • Marker's distance to the player is not shown with numbers, but instead the size of the font is dynamically calculated (a small font means the place is far, a big font means the place is nearby);
  • When Witcher's senses are activated, quest markers show the quest's name, merchant markers show the merchant's type and discovered roadsign markers show the place's name;


I've added entries in the Friendly HUD menu to enable/disable each new kind of marker.
I'm thinking about adding configuration entries for tweaking minimum distance and also the size of the font. Not sure I'll add some for the symbols of the markers, but I'm open to suggestions.



Combat Speed Mod - Faster or Slower Animations (from the author of Sword Effects Customizer)


Combat Speed Mod allows you to change how fast Geralt can attack, dodge, and roll. It is completely customizable. Turn on or off any aspect of it to your liking. You can change your speed according to skills you have invested in, the type of armor you are wearing, the amount of adrenaline you currently have, or just forget all of that and set a flat amount to change your speed. You can even view your current attack, dodge, and roll speeds in the Character Stats menu. To see all the options available, check out the images tab or the menu options section below.


All menus have a Recommended preset that you can choose. This is the setup I recommend to make Geralt seem more like a Witcher without getting overpowered. There is a Faster preset if you want a quick setup for an even faster Geralt. Going beyond that is overpowered and silly looking to me, but it's your choice.

I have also included a way to view your current attack, dodge, and roll speeds. You can see it in the Character Stats Popup in the Inventory Menu. It is under the Additional Section. Check the images tab to see an example.



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its been a while since ive posted here - but this one i cant miss

Primal Needs by stefan3372


Primal Needs tries to increase the immersion of the game by adding hunger, thirst and fatigue as well as few other elements into the game. It tries as much as possible to make the needs interesting and enjoyable, while also not ruining the action combat experience. However, by adding these new elements into the game the whole thinking about the combat and preparation changes according to your stats.

 -- THE NEEDS --

As mentioned above there are 3 needs added: Hunger, Thirst and Fatigue. Each one of them affects different things and rises at different speeds, so it should be maintained differently.
Every need has levels from 0% (fully rested, sated etc) to 100%(starving, thirsty, tired), and step is 1%.



I gave my best to make this mod as compatible as possible, by moving 95% of the new code into newly created scripts. So it should be pretty compatible, but script merging will still be necessary. There might be some problems with some mods where you have to merge bundles, so i might merge them manually for the most popular mods out there, but still try first.
   - Ghost Mode patch has been released
   - W3EE patch has been released


Extra Animations - Adds animations for drinking and eating as well as others. Simple script merge
What's for Dinner - Adds recipes for food and drinks and makes them craftable. Simple bundle merge, choose everything from PN when prompted for conflict (on last conflict in def_item_edibles.xml choose lines from both mods)
Friendly Meditation - It adds real time meditation to the game, Primal Needs support real time meditation

Lore-Friendly Economy - My other mod that overhauls economy and makes it fully costumizable. Simple script merge


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Another very interesting mod (for me at least) is Better Combat Animation which does more or less what says on the tin: it replaces some of the most abused animation (especially the long range spin attack) with other chosen from a random pool of 6 or 7.

Given that, I think that the current crown jewel of mods is The Devil's Pit which add a ton of content and some familiar faces back into the game ;)

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another mod - or rather tool, and just for W3 - by stefan3372

The Witcher 3 Mod Manager


It is a tool that allows you to install and uninstall Witcher 3 mods in one click with a meny more features!



1) installation:

- Detects and installs Main mod files and folders
- Adds DLC files and folders if found
- Adds Mod menus if found
- Adds custom keys to input.xml if found
- Adds custom keys to input.settings if found
- Adds custom settings to user.settings if found
- Remembers mod state for later uninstallation
- Overwrites or first removes old files if found
- Can install multiple mods at the same time
- Can install mods from zip, rar or 7z archives

2) Uninstallation:

- Deletes main mod files and folders
- Deletes added keys to input.xml
- Deletes added mod menus
- Deletes added DLC files
- Can uninstall multiple mods at the same time

3) Disabling mods:

- Does not remove anything just makes it so the mod is ignored by the game which includes:
- Renames the modXXX to ~modXXX
- Renames all dlc files XXX to XXX.disabled
- Renames all mod menus XXX.xml to XXX.xml.disabled
- Removes all input.xml keys added by the mod

4) Enabling mods:

- Revertes everything disabling did
- Restores the keys back to input.xml

5) Installing merged scripts

- Allows you to correctly install someone else's merged scripts

6) Settings window:

- Configures path and some options


right now is a good time to make feature suggestions and requests - discussion is very active, with people like wghost81

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I am a fan of yours for a log time, since Skyrim.

I believe you made a mod, or something in one of your Witcher 3 mod videos

where you talked about a mod that gives you experience from killing Wolves/dogs only

so that if you are weak you could level up quickly by hunting wolves.

I was looking for the mod and couldn't find it.

I may be wrong. Would appreciate it if it is still around.




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