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The Witcher 3 mod recomendations

Arjy Yu

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I will start this topic by listing those few mods i was using in my 1st play-through (which i have finished only recently).

Two mods i think are absolutely essential are Friendly HUD and All Quest Objectives On Map - Gopher is using both of them in his game as well.

One more mod i have installed after watching his review is No Dirty Lens Effect

I also have modded textures for the armors i was wearing - Griffin Set Redesign and Cat Gear Reworked

And finally a small mod to remove all those embarrassing 'stair effects' - No More Rolling Down Stairs

Last but not least is, of course, Script Merger - to make all of these mods work together.

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Nice list. I'd like to add

No Auto Sword sheathe http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/319/?

Better Icons which gives you labels on your potions http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/493/?

If the FOV is a little too close i like the simple FOV fix giving you 80 normal and 70 while running  http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/321/?


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Auto Loot http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/315/?

Just a note for PC gamers that use a control pad with auto loot. It kind of doesn't work in that as you walk by you don't auto harvest but you know that studder you get when running or walking and looting.

That is gone you just walk by and hit the collect button and there is no quick stop to pick a flower. You just collect it and motion is fluid. There is no change in your speed or stride.

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  • 3 weeks later...

i remember someone asking about sorting mod

Corrected Sorting


Adds two new sorting options:
1. By item level
2. By weapon damage/armor rating

Makes sure that multiple stacks of the same item are sorted together.

Forces unread books to the top of the list.


this one looks interesting

Enhanced Targeting


Witcher 3's automatic targeting fails to impress, especially in combination with the "softlock" mechanism -- targets can change wildly for seemingly no particular reason, during a dodge, for example, which can lead to violent (and frustrating!) deaths from being locked in an animation in a completely unintended direction. This mod replaces Witcher 3's automatic targeting with one that is much more consistent, particularly for mouse and keyboard controls. An options menu is also provided with which to tweak exactly how targeting works -- find what works for you and your playstyle!

The new algorithm (with the default values) tries to pick targets that are, in order of importance:

  • close to the player
  • near the angle of camera
  • near to player movement
  • near player's facing

It also tends to "snap" to targets, particularly if the player is attacking them, drastically minimizing target jitter.


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in the light of numerous encounters with invisible sea borders  :P

Sensible Map Borders - No more forced teleporting


This mod simply removes the imposed teleport mechanic when you reach the edge of a map.

A few things to keep in mind:

1 - Yes, I know there is another mod that does this, but mine keeps Geralt's comment when reaching these "soft" map edges.

2 - You can't save outside the "soft" map edges (what I call dead zones) so makes sure you save as soon as Geralt makes the comment, if you intent to venture forth.

3 - If you get carried away with your exploration in the dead zone, you will eventually fall off the map, but there are usually visual warning of this such as very low textures, floating trees and such...
If you do find yourself falling off the map, the only recovery is re-loading your last save. SEE POINT 2!

My experience is that this mod makes exploration feel much more natural and you won't get cardiac arrest when you fail to turn back within the split second the game allows before you get kicked back.


this one might be worth checking too - Atmospheric Nights


What it does:
This mod effectively changes the atmosphere of the night, radically reworking the lighting system.
How is it different from the Darker Nights?
1. Night darkens everything, without clarification of Geralt or other characters (see screenshots).
2. All visual effects  look much better and brighter. They are virtually the same as in the trailer SoD (need Super Turbo lightning Mod).
3. Nights are not black, but dark. The shade changes depending on the district, for example, the night woods are given a     bluish shade.
4. Removes annoying red clouds.
5. Balanced soft light.
6. More natural color of fire.

For the maximum effect it is recommended strongly to use Super Turbo lighting Mod! It reveals all the visual delights of this mod.


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So we are only 2 weeks away from a big game update and the expansion Blood and Wine.

I don't run a lot of mods do you guys/gals in the know think I need to turn them all off before the update?

I sure wish gopher did video's about this kind of stuff.



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5 hours ago, OutandBack said:

I don't run a lot of mods do you guys/gals in the know think I need to turn them all off before the update?

Yeah. You can keep those tiny retextures such as No Dirty Lens or Screen Water Droplets but you must wait compatibility updates for other mods so turn them off.

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While we're at the topic of mods + the new patch and DLC: I didn't bother with NMM with Witcher 3 and installed them manually. I only have 4 mods installed, namely, All Quest Objectives on Map, Icon Text, Display Quen duration, and the generic Merchants fix for All Quest Objectives on Map.

Now, I'm still just barely understanding how Bethesda mods work on a technical level, and with Witcher 3 I'm really completely clueless.  I'm guessing if I just removed the mods folder from my Witcher 3 folder I would probably get some sort of script compiling error on start-up? Might it be better to back up my saves and re-install the game, or would that screw up the saves?

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im also installing Witcher 3 mods manually, here is my mods folder:



as @djkovrik said, simple retextures should probably be ok - althou im a bit worried that they will be adding armor recolor option

since they will introduce major changes in inventory, and some changes on map - FriendlyHUD and MapQuestObjectives (from my list) will definitely not be ok

what i will probably do before updating - is move my entire mods folder (manually) to another place

i dont think it will cause compiling errors - just normal recompiling


important edit: i think its best to do it before an update - move your mods folder away and after that run the game at least once

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@djkovrik @Arjy Yuthank you. I have made a new profile in NMM Witcher 3 1.12.1 vanilla and saved my other as Witcher 3 1.12.1 Modded.

I launched the game and made one save with vanilla so hopefully I'll be good to go when the GOG updates start their auto loading.

For those of you that install mods manually do you have to run the games "Steam's verify integrety of game cache or GOG's verify/repair" to make sure all the mod fragments have been removed?

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7 hours ago, OutandBack said:

For those of you that install mods manually do you have to run the games "Steam's verify integrety of game cache or GOG's verify/repair" to make sure all the mod fragments have been removed?

It was an official recommendation to verify your game cache for patch 1.12 :) So it's a good practice especially that upcoming patch contains far more massive changes.

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So in summary for people with mods manually installed:

1. back up saves. just because always back up saves.
2. move mod folder out of witcher 3 folder to somewhere else
3. verify game cache to remove mod fragments
4. open game to let scripts re-compile
5. make a vanilla save

that should do it? awesome, thanks for the help guys! :D

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Realistic Contrast Textures


More contrast for environment textures

architecture, textures tileable, vegetation.

New File in Option: RCT for heart of stone DLC 2.0

Version 2.1

RCT Main (Repack mod color, files, contrast) compatible HD project
RCT for heart of stone DLC (Repack mod color, files, contrast)
RCT architecture (Repack del file decoration)
RCT HD project soon

1505-0-1463323267.jpg   1505-0-1463324107.jpg


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  • 2 weeks later...

it seems one of the essential mods is already updated for the new patch - All Quest Objectives On Map


The mod was updated for patch 1.21, but I didn't had time to test it properly.

Anyway, any compilation errors are not caused by this mod. I tested all 3 versions after they were uploaded to Nexus.

By default the full version doesn't cache anymore the pins for wandering merchants. See the CACHE_WANDERING_MERCHANT_PINS option from wmkMapMenuEx.ws file.

Don't forget to use Script Merger to detect and solve any conflicts with other installed mods.

Version 1.21.7

Updated for patch 1.21.

By default the FULL version doesn't cache anymore the pins for wandering merchants.


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AutoLoot have got a temporary patch while the author working on updating the mod.  I'm linking to the post page since nothing on the main page.

AutoLoot - AutoLoot the items you want by JupiterTheGod


I've been informed of patch 1.21 and began working on an update.

You can use the temporary patch below until an official update is released.

Edit: Journal Quest Sorting as well, sorting out the messy quest log system.

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I've installed the 1.21 update, no more friendly hud :/  Until the Author has time to rework it. 

However the menu system, map and most of all combat/movement keypress responsiveness are very much improved.

No Dirty Lens - working fine.

Icon Text - working fine.


Only other change I had to make was the the user ini, resetting motion sickness to :- true

And check your difficulty setting before playing, it may try to drop it from death march to the next one down.

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32 minutes ago, luthienmpl said:

There's a slider in the gameplay options for the motion sickness setting now. It called "fisheye effect" or something like that.

oh, that would be very nice

where is the best place to read about all changes and improvements of this patch ?

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I really want FOV90 normal and FOV80 during witcher sense. This vanilla 70/60 makes me dizzy.

EDIT: That did not take longe.


The default FOV is 70/60.  I've modified it for 90/80.  Screenshots taken this morning running 1.21 with this fix.  Also bumped horse riding from 60 to 70.


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Friendly HUD is now updated - but in beta state


Version 10.0beta

- patch 1.21 compatibility;

- default key bindings were changed slightly;

- Japanese translation added.

There is also a step-by-step instruction on updating modded game in the 2nd sticky post (better late than never).


All Quest Objectives On Map has a bug fix


Version 1.21.8

Bug Fix: in NG+ a wrong recommended level was displayed for some quests.


Some other updated mods: No More Rolling Down Stairs, Corrected Sorting, Fist Fight Cheat

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possible FOV solutions:

Field of View (FOV) Slider


The Field of View (FOV) Slider mod allows you to change your on foot ("Exploration") and horseback FOV settings by using a slider.

The slider is located in Main Menu -> Options -> Mods -> FOVSlider.
(note: for pre 1.21 witcher versions the Slider fix path might be different)

When you first install the mod, the FOV might be out of whack, therefore I recommend to go to the main menu and set the FOV settings immediately after loading into the game. Also, please make sure you installed the mod correctly so that you see the menu "FOVSlider".

I personally find 70 Exploration FOV and 80 Horseback FOV to be the best for me at 1080p.

The game defaults are 60 for Exploration FOV, and 60 for Horseback FOV.

Note: I would not advise to go above 90 FOV for exploration - high FOV values degrade game performance and lead to visual glitches.

Witcher 3 Wider FOV 1.21


I didn't see a FOV fix for the new patch patch today, so I figured i'd submit mine.  Tested and working with patch 1.21.  The default FOV is 70/60.  I've modified it for 90/80.  Screenshots taken this morning running 1.21 with this fix.  Also bumped horse riding from 60 to 70.

There are also two more complex camera mods already updated - Absolute Camera and Immersive Cam

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Sword FX


NOTE: Changed name to "Sword FX" to reflect improved functionality of the latest beta version. Check the sticky for more info.

Lets you customize various sword effects using the ingame options menu.

Similar to No or Permanent Rune Glow Effect but configurable and based on updated script sources (1.21).


beta version adds even more options


Added a new version with per-sword customization, improved control over rune appearance and a bunch more effects available to tweak. Here's the changelog for 2.210:

    - All settings can now be set differently for the steel and silver swords;
    - Improved rune appearance setting with more options;
    - Added settings to override rune level;
    - Added settings to override runestone/word;
    - Added settings to override oil;
    - Added settings to force sign infusion effects;
    - Most localizations removed due to changes.

I've tested it extensively during development and a bit before uploading, but not nearly enough to skip beta. So it will be available as an optional download for now.


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