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Need Mods for a Oblivion rerun


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Oh Mighty Minions of our Miraculous MasterMind, May you Mesmerize Me Mit (german for "with") Mods Modular to Oblivion.

Thats enough of silly M:s, anyway I'm planning to revisit the awesome game of Oblivion and I was thinking about modding it for the first time in my life and I need suggestions on mods that would make the experience even more awesome.

i do know of some essential mods such as 
-"HD remake"
-"leveling fix"
-"bug remover"
but i dont know the real names of the mods or which ones i should install, also i do believe there is a Mod Manager for Oblivion on Nexus?

So do share of your wisdom on the subject and recommend mods that would make my rerun even more amazing. 


 - Sithis be praised

love Dalitas


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