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FALLOUT 4 (Survival) Ep. 71 : Fairy Dust and Happy Thoughts

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Ok, official page by PCat isn't up yet so making my own post.

Just a couple of points for the attention of Gopher.

Two-Shot weapons: The increased damage is included in the damage amount seen when looking at the weapon in pip-boy. Its not actually double, More like 50-75%. Still its a good boost.

You can't actually see the second shot with any weapon except lasers (where the second shot tends to miss) or missiles where you can make out the second rocket flare.
I find it best just to think of it as a bullet with twice the powder as normal, fires faster and further for more damage, but not quite twice the effect.

Targeting HUD:  There is a mod which makes it only highlight enemies, this is recommended as it almost completely negates the annoyance.
Alternatively you can just take the helmet off when in a settlement.

Personally though, useful as the HUD is for highlighting enemies, I prefer Recon Sensors which is far less intrusive and lets you keep track of them when they wander out of sight.


Customizable Targeting HUD by C4P0N3



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On a jetpack note: while it won't work for a vanilla experience, using a mod to turn off the ap usage of jetpack, and especially if it extends the mandatory flight limit; jetpacks are amazingly awesome fun, you can cross Boston without ever touching the ground, its so much fun.

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Yes, you did miss a room in the last episode, wasn't going to say anything though.

You're right, there are far too many PA stations about, but I suspect they are actually for lifting out car engines and such and have simply been re-purposed.  I also think its just wrong that PA no longer requires training.  Although the male ex-soldier should already have said training.

Sentry Bots are vulnerable in the back panel when they enter a cool-down cycle; the loading screen hints are always telling me that, although I have never bothered to test it.  I just shoot them in the head until they die. Its faster and easier.

Also all robots charge you and initiate self-destruct if their arms are damaged, or if they are critically damaged. And SB just blow up on death anyway.
On the plus side, sentry bots always have 2 fusion cores inside.

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2 hours ago, nekollx said:

Well you know what they say "toilets, toilets never change"

Do they? First I have heard of it, toilets have changed a lot over the centuries really.

Roman communal ones with a man-made stream underneath to remove the waste.
The traditional pit-drop "dunny" was around for some time and indeed is still used in many National Parks.

In the cities there was the "thunderbox" which the night-soil man would have to empty every night.
Chamber-pots were in vogue for some time among the wealthy and have their modern equivalent with bed-pans.
Before that of course was the garderobe, so useful for keeping ones clothes moth free.

Modern flushing toilets connected to proper sewers or at the least septic tanks are actually quite a new idea and still hasn't caught on in many less financially secure parts of the world.  In the Fallout world a return to the pit-drop system seems essential.  Only in the NCR, New Vegas and hold-out remnants like the Institute will proper amenities still be a thing.

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sorting mod might actually make it more difficult to realize

and this was the main reason for me to finally install a few crafting mods - to transfer 'tier' upgrades to my favorite special armor pieces

currently im considering if i should also add CROSS mods he showed in one of the Mod Vaults (since im not using PAs at all)

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6 hours ago, Littleturn said:

I'm just amazed he hasn't realized that "Light COmbat Armor" and "Sturdy/Tough Combat Armor" are actually different tiers.
He just keeps scrapping them! ;_;

If you don't need caps (have enough saved) does it really matter?

At a certain lvl in the game you can make or find something better in any caliber or outfit than just about anything you can buy.

I'm a ballistic weave / leather guy myself. PA is so OP'd it takes away all the danger for me.





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