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Is there a Proper Item Sorting mod for Witcher 3 ?


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Hi all,

I tried and looked at Nexus but can't seem to find what I was looking for.  I am using FriendlyHud which has Item Sorting as well, but what I really would like to find is a mod that actually sort the item correctly, i.e. say you have 246 Dwarven Spirit in your backpack, when opening the tab where they are they are in 3 different locations. :angry:  What I was hoping to find is a mod that sort out anything that takes up 2 or more slots, gets sorted next to each other and not all over the place.  And yes, I have tried the different sort functions in the inventory, they still not next to each other. :P   Does anyone know if there is such a mod around ??

Secondly, since more or less about same thing.  Is there a mod that make the mutagen stackable ? Having the lesser green and blue one all over the place is also a bit messy.

Thank you for taking the time reading this and have a good gaming experience !  gopherVaultStiv

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In case someone are interested I had a bit of a chat with some modders and they suggested this mod.  It stacks almost all items, including mutagen if you so wish, but slight nag with that one.  If using the mutagen stack option, then they all stack so can only use One Greater mutagen since any other made will stack with the first one, even if it been used in the slot to enhance your potion/cast/fighting skills.  But I can live without the mutagen stacking, atleast now I know how much I have of everything, without having to scroll around and trying to find any duplicates.  gopherVaultStiv

Stack Your Items by KasparsBITELV

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