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Getting ready for Skellige - new visual mods

Arjy Yu

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Volumetric clouds over Skellige


In The Witcher 3 one of the most beautiful regions to me has been Kaer Morhen ever since I first arrived there. I realized that one reason for this are the beautiful volumetric clouds you can see wrapping around all the mountains in the distance.
This made me think if these clouds also could be added to Skellige, because I think they fit in there very well and if you look at older footage of the game, there was a point where volumetric clouds were also present there.
So this mod does exactly that: it adds volumetric clouds to a huge number of locations all over Skellige. It took me several months to create this mod because I have placed all of these clouds individually with a great emphasis on accuracy while trying to avoid any clipping or other issues.
Additionally, I put a lot of work into tweaking their color and lighting parameters as much as possible to ensure that the clouds look natural during any kind of weather or time of day.
Apart from the volumetric clouds I also included a different kind of larger distant fog which adds even more to the cold and wild atmosphere of the Skellige islands.
I really hope that those of you willing to try my mod will enjoy it as much as I do.
So, have fun!


Skellige Ice Breath


What it does?

Enables Ice Breath FX to Geralt, Roach and NPCs( Men, Women, Children) while in Skellige.
Also as optional you can have Custom Snow particles to some Skellige Weathers.


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