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Mod Detection in Save Files


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I have decided to reactivate my Skyrim saves; which I haven't played since before Profiling came out and... I have no idea what mods I had installed on each save.

I know Gopher did have a video which explained how to detect what mods a save file is dependent on; can anyone point me towards it please? Or just explain in a few do-points what to do?

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this is a part of Mod Organizer functionality

you probably refer to the videos where he describes migrating from NMM to MO

but i dont think even MO keeps mods versions - so you need information from your mod manager as well to properly restore your old game

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I don't use Mod Origaniser, NMM now has Profiling, and when I updated to the new version I had to uninstall all my mods.

To make matters worse NMM now requires you to double deactivate mods with built-in installers or the selection pop-up doesn't show when you reactivate it, and with the 200 or so mods I have on Skyrim NMM, about 150 of which I actually use... its time consuming to say the least.

The video I am referring to was probably something to do with either LOOT, BOSS or some other feature than checks the scripts to see if they are all working.

I can't remember, it was ages ago.

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