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New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

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So yeah eventually, heh just a quick draft, but let me know what you think Roachbait.

Ok...New set of vids I've been doing...Left 4 Dead (1 & 2)... So, here goes nuthin'... I've recorded all the campaigns, this is only the tip of the iceberg here...all of them a

"Willow: Wasteland Maid Service, Parts 1-4" have now been released, part 5 is on the way. The full length of all four (combined) videos is around 3 hours. I did things a little differently than last t

Ok...yes, I'm back...

testing-testing, is this thing on?

Yeah? Ok then...

Here's the latest, did it last night before bed...

I showcase vault 74, The Revamped Abode, The Red Rock Outpost, and The Gewehr 47...

By Zoura55, Juggynaut4, Nr4Delernil, and 3009...respectively...

Good old mod fun, all around...;)

Enjoy! :D

Roachbait FNV

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After spending a day looking at new stuff on the Nexus, I got some mod updates... ;)

One of them was 'A World Of Pain'...

Guess what?

That kinda means all my old saves are no longer viable...

...and you can see what that leads to...

I'll need to do a little tweaking, and get my old framerate back (25-30, offline, not recording, 20-25 recording), because it seems the newer versions of NVAC and NVSR are kinda hatin' on my poor little laptop, has me down to around 15-20...

...there's an .ini file I can fiddle with, somewhere...if I remember right...just can't recall where... :blink:

I remember Gopher was having problems with his stutter-remover, a while back, so I followed what he did in his system and it made things run a little better when I did them to mine...

(I'm only gonna get 'so much' out of this thing, as it is)

But yeah, it's still on...a new beginning, and all that... :rolleyes:

Enjoy! :)

Roachbait FNV

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Happy Turkey-Day everyone! :)

A little something I did last night...

The Wasteland Maid Service is off to the local cigarette factory...

It's the first place I went when I started doing 'A World Of Pain'...

...so I've pretty much forgot it...

Only a couple more videos, and I'll be doing this on my new system :D

I really can't take how badly this runs anymore...ugh...the mods that are supposed to be helping...aren't...they kinda made it worse...:blink:

So, there you go...

Enjoy! :D

Roachbait FNV


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On 11/23/2018 at 12:39 PM, Flyddon said:

What is your new system like?  Still a lap top?

Ah...glad you asked...

Here's a breakdown...

Chassis: Corsair Carbide Quiet 600Q

Processor: AMD Ryzen 52600X (6 Core)

Motherboard: ASUS / MSI (A320M Chipset)

RAM: 16GB DDR4 3000MHz Digital Storm Performance Series

Grafix: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 1050 4GB

Storage: SSD 240GB Digital Storm Performance Series

SSD 500GB Digital Storm Performance Series

2TB Seagate /Toshiba HDD

Power Supply: 600W Digital Storm

That should do the trick, for a while...

...along with a curved 27" monitor


Roachbait FNV

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1 minute ago, Flyddon said:

use a small hammer to straighten this out, won't be a problem.    looks good, I will expect some quality improvements in your video's ... right? 

I've still got my old 28 oz Estwing, couple of smacks with that thing should deal with it, just fine... :)

And yeah, it's gonna weird seeing the world acting right while being recorded in high-def, for a change...

If Fraps shows me a steady 50-60+ fps all the time, that'll be great...

I can't wait to be able to actually aim on my own, instead of relying on V.A.T.S. all the time because I'm swimming in molasses through a slide-show...:blink:

...guess it also means I'll have to switch over to NMC's large texture pack too, see what that's all about... :)

Roachbait FNV

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Ok...what's the deal with all the color being a washed out in FNV?

After the last few days of messing around with Vortex, it seems to hate me...

Yes, I'm trying to get it running on my new system, so, I'm having to try to figure out how Vortex does anything...

Even installing NMC's large pack didn't change anything, which is weird...I've got Dynavision and Imaginator installed, but, they hardly do anything, besides make it look worse... 😮

Cant even get DarnifiedUI to act right...ugh...

I mean, it looks better on my crappy old laptop than on my brand new system with all the bells and whistles...

But, anyways, tomorrow will be seven years of the wonderful (currently unplayable) Wasteland Maid Service on Youtube...and, I kinda wanted to do a little something to show everyone how nice it plays and looks now, which seems to be a bust... :(


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Posted (edited)

Yep, well, it seems the save i was using was nerfed...

I found an earlier one, and it seems to behave, somewhat, as far as the textures are goin, but, Darnified seems to totally hate me now...seeing how I had to roll back to an earlier version that would behave (the one where you copy/paste the default, ini, and perf files...v04)

...it's really not wanting to work with VATS...the target area is lit up, but the words (head, leg, etc) are black...it might be NVSE being screwy...

I dunno, it was seven years ago when I set all this up last time, and now it seems they made Vortex so weird it's like learning a new language to say the same thing...

And yes, I did manage to get back into the Nexus, so that's ONE good thing lately...

guess I'll figure it out over the next seven years...or just say "screw it", and go back to Skyrim...

I just kinda hate to leave the Wasteland Maid Service in Limbo much longer, lest it fade away...


Edited by Roachbait FNV
I forget words
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On 8/18/2020 at 8:41 PM, Roachbait FNV said:

I just kinda hate to leave the Wasteland Maid Service in Limbo much longer, lest it fade away...

Well, your episodes have been very irregular anyway, so whenever you get it going again --- 7 years later --- it should be fine... ;)


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On 8/25/2020 at 10:53 AM, Cryzeteur said:

Well, your episodes have been very irregular anyway, so whenever you get it going again --- 7 years later --- it should be fine... ;)

I've almost got FNV back where I had it before, besides a couple little glitches that I can find myself to overlook...

...because, maybe, I can fix them later, nothing really game-breaking...

I have several hours of new footage recorded, so far, and the game runs better than I'd ever seen before...

I've added "JIP'S", which works with Willow and FPT ("Fake Plastic Trees", for ED-E), along with Veronica and JT...

"A World Of Pain" was a bit of a thing, until I got things straight, ALL audio was being nerfed until I told Vortex not to overwrite a file for FPT...

...or...something, but, somehow, it works now...I guess... :)

I'll get a few more hours logged, that way I'm ahead of the game, and get one put together this week while I'm taking my paid vacation...

...so, it's kinda like getting paid to do this, for once... :) 

Edited by Roachbait FNV
I forget words
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Ok, after two years, and lots of changes...

Here ya go, it's back on again ;)

At this point I'm getting things ready to install the last few mods on my list...

"A World Of Pain" was the last thing I wanted to add, but, I still had a few details to iron out at this point, like getting all my houses back, and getting used to JIP'S :)

Enjoy :)

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Which leads to part 2 ;)

Still running around and getting my fast travel points and houses back, that way Kitty doesn't starve, or die from thirst...cuz, yes...it's hardcore.

It's really amazing how well the game is running, and without V.A.T.S., it is another level of challenge...

When I get "A World Of Pain" started in earnest, things will ramp up slightly, as in, "We may all die pretty badly in here...a lot..." sort of ramping up...

I wont spoil anything, it was too much fun recording these :) 

Enjoy :)

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And now, for part 3, "New Homes, All Over", "Insert Pain Here" :)


I went around and got a few things ready, and installed "A World Of Pain" at the very end of modding New Vegas to get everything used to being disturbed ;)

The dust seemed to settle well enough, for now, so it's off to get the other houses back, so the Wasteland Maid Service can operate properly, sorta...maybe... :)

Enjoy :) 

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