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Arjy Yu

What could have happened to my 4th character?

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Initially i was playing with the tanky redguard.

After a short while i have created two more characters - mage and assassin. For inventory space, actually - but i was keeping in mind the possibility of trying them out in game.

Then i left this game for a few months, and on return made 4th character - breton templar. To try out dps-healer.

What i see now on my character selection screen are redguard tank, mage and breton templar. Where is my assassin ?!..

Should i try to contact support, i wonder ...

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If you want to keep him, you should definatly contact the support. Although depending on how long this char is gone, they might not be able to help.

In my experience characters don't just vanish. And the only way to get rid of them, is to delete them. With the whole type "delete" thing to prevent accidental deletions.

But I am curiouse what will become of this.

Also it is good to see, that some people think about playing ESO around here.

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