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The time of shot and sword.[OOC]

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Alright, ya barstewards, this idea has been cooking in my head for about a few months, so here it is.

1. Here is your homework here.

Read it, skim through it, devour it and read into every single word. I don't care which one, just familalrise yourself with the central concepts. If you're already familiar with A song of ice and fire, you'll have no trouble with this.

2. Make a character using the guide in the 'A song of ice and fire' subforum. If you wish to use an existing one, modify it to have a firearms skill in there somewhere. EXCLAIMER: Your character cannot be from the 'sky-people', that will give you an unfair advatage.

3. To avoid this from falling into planning hell, this will start in two weeks of posting. New palyers will be added if interest grows, but I'm not waiting for anyone.

4. The start will be in King's Landing. People joining in later can choose where to start, but the beginning is set.

5. The title is a work in progress.

Alright, you lot, get to reading!

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You want us to do a 300k reading as world research?

and that thing really depends on if the person in question has written something that is tolerable, i have 3 more witcher books to finish before I pick up anything new. 

sigh, give me some time, I can't just start with a group but I suppose new characters can wander in from time to time.

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