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Ghost Mode for Witcher 3

Arjy Yu

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Ghost Mode is a mod (currently in alpha) by the author of Friendly HUD (and one of the senior contributors to Long War mod for X-COM) - Wasteland Ghost aka wghost81


"Ghost Mode" can be considered a new game difficulty mode - with vanilla bugs being fixed, nerfs being removed and lots of scripts and variables tweaked to make all builds viable and not overpowered. It also should make NG+ games, and especially Death March NG+ games, more challenging for skilled Geralt with tons of stuff at his disposal.

I would rather call it 'gameplay overhaul' - judging by description (you can find full one on the mod page).

And I plan to try this mod as soon as I finish my first playthrough of Witcher 3 (yes, im that slow).

Two days ago the author has published first gameplay video of this mode - White Orchard Griffin with pure swordsman in light armor

I recommend reading video description before watching it.



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new video on the author's channel



Test video to demonstrate how you can beat them witches on DM with GM. That was like 20th attempt in a row (for testing purposes), so I got a bit lazy and a bit greedy :)

General problem of this fight is post patch 1.21 mechanic for Ciri special attack - you can now be hit while performing it. Since I don't like uncontrollable attacks anyway, I rarely use it, but players who use it a lot might run into a problem here. IMO, regular dodge is better and you can "emulate" special attack by dodging through and attacking several times in a row (like I did in the video).


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