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A game idea: not really RP

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NB: You will be playing as yourselves. 

If I get three interested players, I'll launch Survivor:Siberia here at the G's-Minions.

Step up. Don't be afraid...



Our guide will show you to the helikopter.

Join in the adventure of a life time!


Sponsored by Televisia Russia.



The airstrip on Montauk base, NY. Has an eerie atmosphere about it. A sense of abandonment and neglect. Guess that's what the producers of the TV-show is going for.


Chief executive Khalat Dimitriev waves the contestants forth.



What you know about the series is that it will take you somewhere desolate in the world's largest country. Your camping gear will arrive after you have been inserted in the game.


A C-130 in stealth paint is taxing in at the uneven concrete slabs where weed is struggling to find a bit of sun. A losing battle as the site is sprayed with a chemical once a month. Despite this, some life is rising through the cracks.


A testament that life is hard to root out.


Nature always wins over man.

Remember that.


Survivor: SIBEЯIA


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Welcome to experience the land where you in the west sees the sun set and in the east watch the sun rise - at the same moment. That is how huge the land is.

We will be dropping you somewhere in the outskirts of Siberia, along the Ural mountains.



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We have a total of FIVE players at the moment.

From this site we have:

Mr. N.H. Fly Nikita O.Rafailov

Ms Rona Mina Hattingh

Mr. John Doe (Need an alias)Ned L.Masters

On December 28 the three of you meet at Montauk air strip with the gear you've selected for your adventure. Having watched a number of iterations of Survivor you all know what to expect. Never expect anything.... You will be surprised no matter how much you prepare. It has been like that before and this time probably won't be an exception.

The brief from the production company said "What you can carry - you can bring on the adventure."

Standing in the shadow of the C-130, the trio sees the cargo doors open and a ramp being lowered. You hear someone shout from within "Hurry! Hurry!"

Then the engines come to life making any conversation literary impossible.



So, what did you bring?

Lists please.

Ah, and a profile picture for Televisia Russia to use for PR and documentation.

Enjoy your trip.


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12237248_1540917312866917_614821415_n.jp "Rona M. Hattingh, but call me Mina"


*5x socks, clean underware and 3X long sleeved T-shirt and pants

*bag of apples and a 2 liter bottle with water

*Sleeping bag (rolled up)

*Hunting knife in boot

*5 boxes of matches

*Rucksack to put above in. 

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7e58d0fdd1ba16a9a3abc29245dc7047_by_high "Sup o/ Name's Nikita O. Rafailov. Friends call me Nick. "

List of Items: 
On me:

  • Wollen gloves. 
  • Ushanka.
  • A watch
  • Comfortable hiking boots.
  • Cargo pants
  • Blue t-shirt
  • a coat.

A standard military issue backpack containing:

  • a small First Aid Kit, containing: 4 cohesive bandages , duct tape, scissors, sterile gloves, a flip lighter, a small bottle of alcohol.
  • 2- 2 liters of bottled water.
  • 4 MRE's 
  • A hammer.
  • 1 energy bar.
  • a pack of mint bubble gum.
    EDIT: Spare clean underwear and one pair of socks :P 
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Nedyalko Lechev Sorry, I don't have a lot of pictures of me.

Name: Ned L. Masters.

On me:

  • Hiking boots.
  • Dark blue jeans.
  • Black T-shirt.
  • Black hoodie-thick.
  • Light jacket.
  • Whatever crap I could fit in my pockets.

Utility belt:

  • Large hunting knife.
  • A hatchet.
  • Claw hammer.
  • Small bag of nails.
  • Magnesium lighter.

Large hiking backpack.

  • Three reusable water bottles-2L each.
  • Three MRE packs.
  • Some spare underwear.
  • Two bars of chocolate.
  • A whole bunch of mint candy.
  • Another magnesium lighter.
  • Another small bag of nails.
  • A small folder knife.

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