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Power Armor Mixing/Loot

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So I've been playing the game to and from since launch and there's a thing that's starting to bug me.
The way we find pieces for power armor.
More often than not I find a complete set of ex. T-51 armor on a frame. I expected to find pieces scattered around the wasteland in dungeons and such.
As it is now there's no reason to mix the different pieces. And since the higher level armors are so much better (and frankly too easy to find) you just end up with full X-01 anyway.


Anyway this just crossed my mind and I'd like to hear you guys and gals thoughts on this.

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@JaschI totally agree and disagree. I agree that the armor was given too early in the game to keep, but disagree where one could argue that it'd be great if they gave you the power armor and then through a sequence of events (somehow, don't ask how - I'm not a game designer) during your fight with the Deathblow your armor becomes severely damaged and only gets you through the fight. Therefore you've sort of "wet your appetite" for power armor but you have none and have to hunt for more.

@LittleturnI do agree that most of the armors are too often found in almost complete form and that in and of itself should be super rare, a find that sort of makes you freak out in excitement instead of say "Oh cool! Another suit to store at my settlement." 

I just really hope modders take this game & fly with it...I hope Bethesda release a supremely powerful CK that lets modders take FO4 and turn it into a challenging masterpiece. Not that FO4 isn't great but it can be so much more. So excited.

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The lack of training kind of makes sense in a way, with your character being a military veteran (a female character must be as well judging by the constitution quest line) it makes a certain amount of sense that they had power armour training already.  And getting it so early in the game isn't really game breaking as you have to be a fair way into it to be able to use it regularly as it needs power cores, even if you're fast travelling, you don't have enough early on to be constantly in power armour especially when you consider you have to walk to places the long way before you can fast travel to them.


Also, I've just got to the point in my Fallout 1 playthrough where I get Power Armour for the first time, from the Brotherhood of Steel and it doesn't require any special training.  You could probably even get it not too long into the game, all you'd need is some Rad-X and then to defeat 4 enemies.  Admittedly, the level to be able to get the Rad-X and beat the enemies isn't as early as you get the power armour in Fallout 4, I'm not saying I don't think that it should have been something you found later in the game, just that going back to the first Fallout, it wasn't all that hard to get.


Considering how it has changed from just another type of armour to what is practically a modular vehicle though, it would make a certain amount of sense if what you got in Concord in FO4 was the frame and maybe one or two pieces or the armour and if there were only a few full sets of armour in the whole of the Commonwealth in high level areas, the rest being pieces that you find in your travels one at a time, or on enemies that are wearing them as anything as useful as power armour would have been looted a long time before you get there.  The frame with a power core is enough to give you the capability to use the minigun to kill the deathclaw in Concord as that's the bit that boosts strength and allows you to ignore falling damage and the minigun has a very limited amount of ammo, so it's not a big deal that you get that so early, 5mm bullets aren't that easy to find so everyone I've watched ends up stashing the minigun in the early game, just like everyone I've watched, stashes the power armour in the early game.


These are just my incoherent thoughts though.

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The feeling I had was the character didn't seem as familiar with the Power Armour when he first asks questions about it though, as he should at least know about being able to 'use the minigun like a rifle' if he had training...the minutemen seem more knowledgable about it. Well that's how I took it anyway. I have only played FO3 and NV, and I never even bothered getting the training in NV, as I loathed the BoS and only really did the stuff for Veronica, so for someone like myself the PA in FO4 seems a bit, well...too commonplace. Yes it should be a very rare find indeed

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