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1 hour ago, Okatis said:

Neato. Always fun seeing WIPs of sculpts. Thinking of using the final version for a mold?

I am! I'll be using a silicone based mold (I'm currently looking at what kind of quality i'll need.) Then I'll be casting in a plastic which I will then paint to finish it off.


43 minutes ago, HighNinjaFly said:

Dude! this is so awesome xD
Of all the useless things in the world that people buy I'd totally buy this one :D 
Errr... not that useless is bad or anything! I totally freakin' adore this and umm... I'll shut up now... <_<

Haha thanks! I would agree that it is useless - but useless things are sometimes great to have!

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Glad to be getting all the wonderful feedback and comments from you guys! Here's another update in case anyone is interested in following my process. I've just finished baking Stiv and now will be sanding him and putting in all the final details before making a mold.stiv-baked.jpg

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1 minute ago, Aj-M1A2X said:

This is perhaps a little late, but I think the head could've done some work -- it's missing the rather (imo) iconic fangs.

It still looks great as is, though, I'm excited to see the end result.

I could be mistaken but I think I can just about see them roughed in, at least in one of the pictures. I assume they'll be defined more with the detailing.

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