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A few mod ideas of mine.


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Hello all, fellow minion here and here are a few mod ideas I like to try to make but not sure I can do them, but like to post the ideas here get some feed back on the ideas at least.


 First idea I had is a faction creator mod, sense you can build own base like to build own group as well. Own faction have perk system, so say starting groups you can pick first perk once you start it the mod. Like say pick trader perk mean group would start with a single trade which bring in caps too the faction, or pick raider perk which would have your people become raiders. I not worked on much detail yet, wanting to know what you think.


 Next one is quest or a exploring mod, mostly a dlc size area of a city partly sunken with a quest to come to area to find loot. Wanting to use some like power-armor underwater exploring, find lost treasure stolen by the sea. Maybe work on way to have special power-armor allow melee combat underwater, maybe a few weapon to allow gun to work underwater. This just a idea details not fully done yet.


 Last one a robotic companion with a sad past, a robot made for entertaining kids before the booms fell the robot was downloading a update and having some old army programming removed when a power surge stop the update turning it on mid update which sadly triggered the army program which is half removed. The robot errors badly as it main normal program and army programming are fighting for control which end up happen at a birthday party and it hurt people, the robot now hiding in some ruins to protect others from it outbursts of madness. It found sing a lolibye to a empty baby carrige, only thing it can do to keep it self from going nut again.

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The first one seems doable.
The second one is possible, but it will be a lot of work. Like a lot. Faalskar took about 2000 hours of work. It takes very to fill a worldspace with content. Especially the boring stuff like the garbage lying next to the road.
The last one seems okay, but you need to be careful not to exagerate it too much if you want it to be a believable story.

I'd recommend start with the last one. Creating companions is something that has been done countless times now. It will be easier to find information about it. The others require a lot of work and knowledge.

Just my thoughts though, never done any of that.


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