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Hey Everyone, Hi Gopher!

I just found a nice mod on Fallout4nexus, that might be great for all those roleplayers out there who hate the new dialog System:



And as i see that gopher seems to not like it in his playthrough, maybe that ist something for you to. I did not create nor tested the mod yet but it sounds great :-)



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checked the comments in both original (russian) and english versions of this mod

seems that persuasion colors are still there - so the only thing missing might be 'sarcastic' label

oh, and someone reported 'that there is no highlight for the selected option'

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It's amazing, but much of the dialogue Bethesda wrote makes it difficult to determine whether the player is being sarcastic at first glance. Sometimes it's even difficult to tell whether the player is saying no, yes, or maybe as well.. so there are some improvements that could be made (like tagging them with the original intentions). Some lines of dialogue are also a little too long for this setup.

Still, this is awesome. Only 8 days after release and we've come this far. I imagine we'll get an even better experience once the GECK is released and people can really go wild (fixing Bethesda's game for them).

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