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As many of you will have noticed, the Nexus site is in full motion by now. New mods are added like every 15 minutes or so. And even though there are no official modding tools yet, or an updated Mod Manager or Mod Organizer, people seem to be modding their game to their heart's content already.

So, what mods are you running already in this first week after release? And which do you think are must-have's?

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I will start this of with saying, night needed to be darker. That was for me the very first thing.
Now I know many people are using the mod "Darker Nights" for that, but I have not tried that one yet. I would be interested to hear if any people did, and what your thoughts are. 
I use an fx preset for this:
Silk Shadows

I tested it for a bit, with the default one. Very dark nights, much deeper shadows during the day. Bigger contrasts from light and shadow.
I recently switched to the "less dark" version, gonna test that for a bit longer. I think that will hit the sweet spot a lot better for me when it comes to remaining playable, yet still have way better lighting and dark nights.

To complement these darker nights:
Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars
Fallout Texture Overhaul Moons

As for UI, a lot needs changing there too. So far 3 mods caught my eye.
Pipware UI Fallout4 Edition makes the list of visible items in containers and barter menu longer, so you can see items in one go.
no dotdotdot makes sure that items with very long names don't get the ... at the end, so you can't see the full name, in stead it makes the name smaller, so it fits on the line, making the full name visible.
Value per Weight indicator for container UI simply adds a Value/Weight row to the item specifications.
Now the problem is, these 3 mods add partly the same files. The maker of 'no dotdotdot' actually added files that made his mod compatible with the Value/Weight mod though. So for now I use those 2. As soon as I can, I will add the Pipware one.
Value per Weight indicator for container UI
no dotdotdot
(Pipware UI Fallout4 Edition)

So tell me, what are all of you using? Any must have mods I miss in my humble list?
(I will be updating this list as I add/test/keep more mods)

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Here are some mods that came to my attention. Some of them are in the Top files though, so no big surprises :)

@JandeV: Are you using the Daker Nights mod with Silk Shadows? Are they compatible?


Mods to prevent spoilers:

No Loadscreen Spoilers: This removes weapon and creature models from the loading screen

Spoiler-free Quest Animations: This removes the Animations in your Quest Log (there are some nasty spoilers among them imo)

Gameplay Changes:

Create Your Own Survival Rebalance: I hate it that Survival Difficulty halves your damage so I chose 100% more dmg, but left the opponents untouched


Lowered Weapons - First Person Animation

Lighting Mods:

PipBoyShadows: A little glitchy but I hope this will be fixed

Texture Mods:

Fallout Texture Overhaul PipBoy (Pip-Boy) UHD 4K

Jesters Ammo Retexture Mod

Lore-Friendly Ghoul Eyes

Rock On: A retexture of the rocks.. a question of taste

High res pre-war money retexture: Another question of taste

Sound Mods:

Realistic Bullet Cracks

Towbie's Realistic Weapon Sounds

Main Menu Replacer:

Immersive Main Menu: I love it :D


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1 hour ago, Dennis2810 said:

@JandeV: Are you using the Daker Nights mod with Silk Shadows? Are they compatible?

There certainly is no need, since the Silk Shadows already makes the nights even much darker than the darkest option of Darker Nights, judging by the footage in Gopher's video, compared to my own game. (Although I do think the mod was updated after Gopher recorded that footage?)
But technically I guess they could be compatible, as they don't change/add the same files. Silk Shadows is an fx preset, Darker Nights adds an esp.
But yeh, my guess is, you would really get messed up lighting and overall graphics if you were to use both at the same time.
I might test that actually. FOR SCIENCE!
EDIT: I read someone who tried it and they said their nights got "close to pitch black". Still might test it myself for giggles though, tomorrow.

Also, thank you for reminding me of Towbie's Realistic Weapon Sounds! I was going to download and install that, but forgot :P .

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Craftable Ammunition is a really great mod. It's balanced in that you'd have to give up your precious settlement building, weapon and armor upgrading resources in order to craft ammo.

Hardcore Radiation Storms is a must as well. ~5 radiation from the radiation surges? It's supposed to be a storm people actively avoid. You get more radiation than that drinking from a puddle.

No HUD Map Markers adds a sense of accomplishment and excitement when finally stumbling upon places you didn't know where there.

Full Dialogue Interface ... YESSSSSSSS!

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On 17.11.2015, 06:43:57, Arrogant said:

Full Dialogue Interface ... YESSSSSSSS!

Some time ago...

On 16.06.2015, 00:42:02, Arrogant said:
On 15.06.2015, 18:41:36, Gorzkiewski said:

Okay, we can mod the PC voice actor out. Perhaps we can change the dialogue wheel into a proper dialogue tree. Nothing wrong has happened. (...)

Sorry, but who is "we"? 13,000 lines of dialogue would need to be added to the game in text form. Do you have any idea how long that would take? Not to mention actually removing the voiced aspect. Along with actually expanding the dialogue UI, and it took schlangster and Mardoxx ages just to begin changing the Skyrim UI.

Someone is going to have to do all that work. I can't do it, I don't know how. schlangster is still pretty pissed off about the while paid modding thing. Can you do it? Just because it's possible doesn't mean it's going to happen. (...)


Told ya.

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Cleaning up.
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27 minutes ago, Gorzkiewski said:

Some time ago...

  Hide contents


Told ya.

Like I said in another thread, it isn't perfect. The dialogue is sometimes too long and goes off the edge of the screen. There's also no way of telling what the original responses were, and knowing what response is sarcastic and what isn't is fairly hard to do without a voice behind it.

We won't have a decent enough version of this mod until the new GECK is released, and that's 2 months away -- 2 months of not being able to play Fallout 4 because I absolutely despise the dialogue system is a fairly long time in my eyes.

Not to mention there's still the voice from the protagonist that needs to be done away with.

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I havent really found any mods to add to the list we have going here, but Im using darker nights, and the one Gopher pointed out about the cha ching sound every time you kill something. I never even thought about it until I saw his video and I wanted that sound gone haha. Just installed the dialogue mod. I know it isnt finished but I loaded an old save and talked to someone and man is it better than that wheel. I dont mind the wheel, but I got tired of assuming my character was gonna say "no thank you" but proceeded to insult someone and cause a scene. I really dont like that aspect of the abbreviated responses. 

Im also going to try out the deadly radiation storms. The only side effect of that mod that I can tell is that if Im constantly running inside to take cover from the storm, Ill never SEE the storms....and they look cool. 

Edit: Forgot to add, if youre not using ENBoost by BorisVorontsov, I highly recommend trying it. I had a noticeable performance inscrease. Im running at a solid 72 fps and when I do get a drop in frames, its down to like 65 which is still above the 60 I strive to maintain. 

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This might not be a really great place for this mod, as I'm sure everyone here has ultra rigs but for the vast majority of us that have decent rigs or lower and are having trouble maintaining stable frame rates in the game, then the Fallout 4 - Texture Optimization Project should most definitely be considered. For those not familiar with it, basically what he does is take the large vanilla textures and fixes them in a way that still retains the original art style. This way, you see a huge improvement in frame rate and stability (at least I have) while not really seeing much of a change in the quality of the textures. Here are examples of the Before and After for comparison: 


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40 minutes ago, Arjy Yu said:

there is also similar mod, recommended by SparrowPrince - Optimized Vanilla Textures - FO4 Edition

This one was the first mod that I saw, but when I actually when to mod, I found the other one first because it had more endorsements. I wonder though if the two could be used together, with one overwriting the other? As I assume there's going to be (at this point anyways) some textures that one mod does that the other doesn't. In any event, I may do some testing later, or if someone has I'd like to know what their experience is. 

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Silence by Sleggo (Uploaded by GamerPoets)


A fully modular immersion mod that silences the most annoying and un-immersive sounds of Fallout 4


Sounds Currently Included

- Heartbeat sound (low health)
- Level Up sound
- Location Discovery sound
- Pip Boy Scrolling Sounds
- XP gain sound (Enemy Death "Cha-ching")
- Quest UI Sounds
- VATS Critical hit Sounds
- Activate Sound (annoying "click" when no target is selected)
- Workshop Sounds
- Turret Sounds (Variations)
- Generator Sounds (Variations)
- Load Screen Sounds

Future Plans

- Player Voice
- Modifying Build-Mode Sounds
- Please leave suggestions and I’ll see what I can do...


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1 hour ago, Arjy Yu said:



2 hours ago, BelGarion said:

Mod recommendation? I got one that's perfect for Gopher given he likes following the roads. :D

Improved Map with Visible Roads - http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1215/?


1 hour ago, Arjy Yu said:

While the one with the 4K PipBoy is nice, for those who can't handle 4K textures, or at least are nervous in doing so, the other one is more appealing. 

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