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User info a bit odd

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Okay, if you look at a post you see who posted it at the left side. You see the name of the poster. And then something like "New minion" or "Well-known member". But this disappeared for some users (see screenshot below) for me, to name a few: myself, @Aj-M1A2X and @Just Louise. What strikes me is that it affects users with high post and/or likes counts. And it affects both the normal and the dark theme as far as i can tell.


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3 minutes ago, TheLazyGrizzly said:

To me it looks like all the people that made accounts after the forum upgrade/change have the titles and us "oldies" dosnt have them.

that would make more sense. Most people from back then just have a somewhat high post count, but  yeah, correlation does not imply causation.

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