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Games you wish you could mod?


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Was curious if anyone ever stumbled upon a game that you really wished you could mod but later you discovered that it's not possible/very limited due to the lack of necessary tools?
I guess I'll start
A game i really wish we could mod and was heart broken when i discovered we couldn't was Dishonored. a brilliant game by Arkane Studios and published by Beth(esda) with the lore and art style to engage the player into the world and bask in your character. But i always felt a lack in it, something. That something turned out to be the graphics as I hated to admit. I know that they aimed for a washed out sort of fill to it but I believe that so much more could be "sucked in" from the world if that candle stick was a bit more vibrant colored in the darkness surrounding it. A terror if someone put it off but then you remember that you're the one who would do such a thing, and then you smirk as the guard sits on the chair near the candle >:) 
Mods could do a lot in a game like this, more diagrams to purchase, more treasure hunts to complete, side quests perhaps, expanding the map sizes that were limited due to the limitations of the consoles, more unique trap variations for the player to avoid or more traps overall, more of everything essentially when we're talking about mods.
So yea, felt like posting something since I have trouble sleeping :)
Tell me about the games you wish you could mod bellow :3 

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10 minutes ago, Dr Anthrax said:

It May or may not be a popular opinion... but i would Really love to see mods Made for Borderlands 1&2. but the Game scripting and stuff is unique and the programmers didnt give any support to the community and it has only save editors :( but at least the game itself is Really cool :D 

Maybe more gunz? haha :D 

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