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Howdy Folks !

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Hi all... ... again :P

I guess we will have new faces showing in the forum, so here I am again.

I'm Broose [normally pronounces "Bro-oz" but everyone's saying "Bruce" so feel free to do the same and those who already do, don't change, I'm ok with it - sounds like Bruce Willis/Wayne - who I like] and I've been recently of the streams and forums so, no wonder you may not know me :D

I'm from The Caribbean (Martinique - French Island in Central America) now I'm in France, 22 years old and studying architecture. I speak french and I like to think that my english is not that bad. There is not a lot to tell about me, I'm male obviously and ... Oh, I'm not really a PC Gamer, well I'm not a PC gamer. I do have some games on PC but I'm a proud and fervent console player.


Well since I started architecture I didn't have much time to play or I had small time to play [like 30min max] so I decided to watch, or rather listen, ppl plays while I'm working. I've been following Gopher on Youtube not from the beginning but something like just before the Stiv's strory in Skyrim. And I still miss him....I hope we'll see you again Stiv. LONG gopherLivegopherStivLogo

Any questions, feel free to ask gopherVaultStiv

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