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Continue watching video in corner while interacting with site


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It would be cool if we could watch a video, while roaming around the site (for instance participating in the forums) and the video continues playing in the top right hand corner (orany customisable position).

I realise if I open the video in a new tab and then participate in the forums in a secondary tab, I would be able to continue listening to the video, (which is fine for videos where visuals are not important such as minions monthly) but this is an inadequate solution for a lets play video.

This may require a repositioning of certain interactive interface items with the prioritisation of the video. 

Example attached:

Continue watching video in corner while interacting with site.png

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Hmm, having the video keep playing while you move from one topic to another would probably require quite a lot of work (just having a video play while you are watching one page in the forums shouldn't be too difficult, but since going to another place means that the page reloads I'm not even sure it's possible). I would suggest just open the video in a separate window, and put them side by side.

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You could snap the Forum-window to the right side and resize it to about a fifth of the width of your screen and have the video play in a video snapped to the other part of the screen.

I do that all the time, works just fine. The Forums automatically go into mobile layout to fit the narrow window.

In fact, I'm doing it while typing this.

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