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Search function on website - success )


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Right now im going back to modding my games after significant pause (with two goals - trying out STEP suggested setup for Skyrim and TTW for FO3+FNV, both using Mod Organizer) - and re-watching some of the Gopher's tutorials in the process. I have found all tutorial playlists on his channel without much problems, but at some point i have remembered about certain video with memory problems/solutions testing - and i could not find it myself...

And so i decided to test search function on this site - by just entering 'memory' in the search field. And there it is - 4th in the results, Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 84: Skyrim Memory Patch (Fix freezes and crashes)

In fact all search results were highly relevant, 3 videos and 5 mods.

So i guess this is success - right?  gopherVaultStiv

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