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The Night of Green Fire: The Honoured Fallen


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It is the forty second year of the Fourth Era, the twenty fifth year of his Imperial Majesty's, Emperor Titus Mede's reign. The Golden Age of Tiber Septim, a time of unparalleled peace, prosperity, and growth for the Empire has long since faded away, laid to rest alongside the last of the Septim line. The Empire is weak, weaker than it has ever been since its founding by Emperor Tiber Septim, her borders slowly chipped away by the machinations of the fledgling Aldmeri Dominion, her people suffering under the yoke bandit lords and corrupt nobles alike, her finest having given their lives in her service. The Empire sorely needs the peace, the stability, and the even-handed rule of a strong Emperor if it is to rise once more to the glories of ages past.

Alas it was not to be. The scars of the Great Anguish have barely begun to heal, when the Empire was struck by the threefold blows of Valenwood's secession, the emergence of the Aldmeri Dominion, and the Umbriel Crisis. Of these three unwelcome events, it is Aldmeri Dominion that is of great concern to many. Thirteen years ago, the Dominion had been established by the Thalmor, an Altmer extremist group whose ranks had been swelled by the discontent masses and opportunistic nobles. In the end, how the Thalmor seized power is irrelevant, it is those, who have forced to flee from their homes in fear of the Thalmor that matter.

Amongst the refugees fleeing the Summerset Isles is former Archmage Lorcan Stormbinder, a thinker, an inventor, and a soldier. Lorcan has prevailed upon a former student and friend, Crown Prince Malik of the Kingdom of Sentinel to accept the many refugees under his guidance. A forebear through and through, Prince Malik has opened Sentinel's gates to all refugees and the city is now a rallying place for those fleeing the Thalmor. However, not all is well within the walls of Sentinel, as many do not agree with Prince Malik's generosity, and the most prominent amongst them is Second Prince Hassan, a widely known Crown, a fact that is well known amongst the Black Eagles, who watch from the shadows.

So, it is in the great city of Sentinel, the shining jewel of Hammerfell, that the storms gathers.

You are a child of Tamriel, be it a patriot or critic of the Empire, a believer or pragmatic in the Dominion, you will soon bear witness to horrors that have not been seen since the beginning of the Fourth Age. To fight is your only recourse, for though victory may be uncertain, the lives of many lie upon the shoulders of those will to bear arms into the coming storm.

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There have been a number -- maybe a half dozen -- attempts to run D&D games based on ES lore over the years. Some have been rather successful. Most fall by the wayside because it takes a lot of dedication and a very thick skin to be a DM.

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