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Hello, my name is Morog the Pale and I represent a "sorcerer-bard-barbarian against harpy violence" committee. We would very much like to make sure that our group's astoundingly bad situation comes  to a preferably peaceful conclusion and we will not have to drag the body of one big orc and his battleaxe all the way to the village to get some healing. 

In other words. @JHORDEE @Rudehox @Aj-M1A2X, when are you guys able to get together for the session? I presume we are only talking about friday, saturday and sunday this week, just so that we could catch up with the rest in term of time. 

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Well, no. I am convinced that either Aj or Andy couldn't make it tommorow and I don't think you agreed on the date while I was gone. 

@Aj-M1A2X @TheAD209  @Rudehox

Let's just  summon everyone else to the party and make sure that we have a proper date set and everyone can get there 100%. I am free this whole week, so I can easily adapt to what is easier for you guys. 

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