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14 hours ago, Philosophercat said:

I think ours- or at least Team B- is the other way around.


Hey, most of us didn't decide to noisily charge the 11 of them when their attention was the other way.  And one of us still hasn't been spotted.  Sure I've had bad hit rolls, but next time.  Maybe.

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Thanks to both Teams for this weeks excellent sessions! 

I'm starting to get to some actual 'plot' now which is nice. Both Teams have ended on cliffhanger-y endings too.

We've agreed Friday the 6th Nov for Team A (Marcellus, Morog, Tolman, Tozug)

How are we for next week for Team B? (Saja, Alyrila, Vanellope, Zuurich)

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1 hour ago, Philosophercat said:

Team A folks might be interested to know that during our session, I was run through with a spear and survived. Again, I am apparently unable to die... >_> The curse of XCOM endures.


31 minutes ago, TheAD209 said:

Don't test me....I don't have to follow the rules....

Pcat, don't test our GMs abilities. Our Team is in a pickle and I would really like to survive the whole ordeal without Tozug or Marcellus losing one of their limbs. 

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Not about Rules- it's the Curse of XCOM. :D

So far, the only way I've been killed was when I was playing ESO with the guild. I got stuck... in a rock in Cyrodiil. Since Cyrodiil is a PvP zone, you can't /stuck to teleport out. The only exit.. is death (or the wayshrines, but that's beside the point). So @ecceau from the Aldmeri Dominion had to find me and kill me. :D And even then, he had to stand there eating food for a bit to buff his mana, since my health was regenerating too fast to take me out otherwise.

Ah, good times. gopherVaultStiv

Dying would, of course, solve my multiclassing problem, though...

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