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Well, saturday is fine by me. I just wanted to make sure I got everything right. 
It's gonna be a pain in the backside without our group's fighter and I even grew attached to the crazy alcoholic. Guess we're gonna have to add someone to our team from the other team. Probably. 

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Sorry guys. Family stuff came up unexpectedly and I won't be able to make it today :( Again, I'm 100% cool with the group carrying on without me.

That's ok PCat. Andy also can't make it tonight. We've not heard from some and Jhordee's a maybe so, not looking likely at the moment.

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Sorry for my part as well.  I'm writing this sat on a train roughly an hour late already and I have at least another 30 mins until I get home.


For future planning, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are best for me as I don't (currently) have any scheduled streams on them.  I can obviously move ones I have scheduled around so can make most other days.  Although I'll likely be at least this late every third Sunday in the month.

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@Philosophercat @Gokey @Gorzkiewski @Aj-M1A2X @JHORDEE @TheLazyGrizzly @TiDinzeo


A few of us met up last night and I managed a preliminary grouping of the new teams. This is a work in progress, but follow my logic:

Team A: Marcellus, Morog, Tozug, Tolman

Team B: Alyrila, Saja, Vanellope, Zuurich

This may seem weird but Marcellus, Morog, and Tozug made a deal to search for a particular person which means they sort of have to group up at this point. This leaves one space in their party. It can't be Alyrila or Zuurich as they are tied together for other reasons, and that leaves Tolman, Saja, or Vanellope. It can't be Vanellope as she is a Fighter class and needs to be with the two rogues for balance, and it can't easily be Saja due to the clash of religions. So that leaves Tolman.

It all makes sense to me, but if you can see anything obvious please let me know. Or if you want to make these decisions in game we can do that too.

Next session will be this Wednesday if everyone can make it. It will probably be a shorter one just to divide up the parties and loot before you march off again as Team A and B.

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people have levelled up

Wait, we got xp points? 


Will Team A: Gokey, Jhordee, AJ be free next Thursday or Friday?

Next thursday and friday are good for me. Though I am not 100% sure, I have some exams in the Uni next week. I will tell you guys if I will be busy on any of those days. 

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