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Dogs are better! A thread dedicated to dogs!

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@Merp17 thought you might like these..

Two airedale terriers, one wearing a special gas mask and the other carrying rations for a wounded soldier in World War II




Sgt Stubby from World War I

Sergeant Stubby was a stray, homeless mutt who saved more lives, saw more combat, and performed more badass feats of heroic awesomeness than most people could ever hope to accomplish even WITH the advantage of prehensile thumbs and the ability to utilize 100 percent of their brain power without exploding into a burst of ball lightning. For more



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Thank you for those pics I enjoyed them. To show my appreciation here is a German Flak crew photo of their regimental mascot sitting by a 88mm, FlaK 36. Flugzeugabwehrkanone (aircraft-defense cannon)

(Colorized by Royston Leonard from the UK)



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had to share some images of my family's dog, siri, she's a finnish lapphund or as the finns say suomalainen lapinkoira,

her i norway during a fishish trip, i admit i forced the cap on her



 another one in norway, she dug out a small dent under a rock



her with a gift from my brother from when he was in the north of sweden




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