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Couch Warrior TV has done/is doing (Long hiatus atm) a fantastic Skyrim playthrough as an Arcane Archer Assasin called "Erinyes Arcana". Highly recommended for his stealth skill which is awesome, and also the light RP which he uses to tell his character's story and explain his descisions.

I used to watch his arcane assassin, because I haven't come across very many other assassin lp's. Loved the roleplay he had going on, I'd say it's definitely more than LIGHT rp. Hope he comes out of his youtube-coma soon.

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I used to watch his arcane assassin, because I haven't come across very many other assassin lp's. Loved the roleplay he had going on, I'd say it's definitely more than LIGHT rp. Hope he comes out of his youtube-coma soon.

hehe fair enough, I guess what I mean is that he doesn't put voices on or anything, he retains the distance and seperation but really draws you into Fleet's mind and motivations.

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I present to you BigCatDerek. He runs a sanctuary for big cats (and lemurs. Little lemurs, not big lemurs... Well, I guess they're big by lemur standards. Anyway, it's not in the name). He does regular Walk Around the Compound videos where he rambles and checks up on the cats, most of whom have their own fan clubs (like Cassie the squeaking mountain lion, Mwali the whining lion- fond of his hair, and Ace the panther who's schtick is that he loves the women but hates Derek (you can see him "greeting" Derek in the trailer here):

Check him out! It's amusing. It's fun. There's death peets, moos and squeaks.


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I don't have cable or satellite by choice, so I have a pretty large collection of YouTube subscriptions (I use a Roku), some of my favorites?


AngryJoeShow (I think he met Gopher for the TW3 Poland thing): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsgv2QHkT2ljEixyulzOnUQ

Brodual (Skyrim/FO mods): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMQkYC9HUcPTertReHILVOA

Scott Manley (space sims): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxzC4EngIsMrPmbm6Nxvb-A



For non-gaming:

CinemaSinshttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYUQQgogVeQY8cMQamhHJcg (just finished a set of reviews of the Star Wars prequels...hilarious)

Tested (Adam Savage's from Mythbusters): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiDJtJKMICpb9B1qf7qjEOA

This is Dan Bell (abandoned stuff): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjU-Cwjfqbo2hMRItlXwnnQ

engineerguy (how stuff works): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2bkHVIDjXS7sgrgjFtzOXQ

AgentJayZ (as a former jet engine mech myself, I get into this stuff, lol): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh57rwk3ySElDpzgCDLh9KA

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8 minutes ago, Burnspot said:

The engineerguy channel is just so good. His description of how the IBM Selectric typewriter used one of the first digital to analog converters was really quite interesting. Shows how much complicated engineering is in even the most common objects.

I'd like to add pretty much any of John & Hank Greene's channels, but especially the Crashcourse World History series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBDA2E52FB1EF80C9. "Except the Mongols" for the win!

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So many YT LP'er have been deleted from my play list since I found Gopher's channels.

I use to just deal with all the K&M YTLP'ers twitching around like they are having an epileptic seizure. Now I know it doesn't have to be that way.

I still use radbrad if I want a quick look at a game I am interested in buying but I don't follow any of his LPs.

I use to love ChristopherOdd until he butchered the Witcher 3

Frankie on PC in 1080p was fantastic in his ARMA days but not so much now unless you like Battlefield

For all my Outer SPACE fixes TheXPGamer is very good https://www.youtube.com/user/TheXPGamers/videos

Love Angry Joe's game reviews so far he has the exact same taste in games as me.

Bitter Strike Cartoons can be pretty funny you have to pick and choose. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB4WnO_ELLYdSBxiFn3Wn1A

Smosh Games "Honest Trailers" are the BEST https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ2ZDzMRgSrxmwphstrm8Ww

I get all my gaming news from Machinima (I know I Know) I also am a member of all the forums of the games I play.


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 Two of my favourite youtubers. 

I'm nominating the following for some extra views:

Rycon Roleplays photo.jpg

A blind, super-good perma-death playthrough! He has a wicked Skyrim let's play too.



Nyessa Gaming photo.jpg

Edda, The Bard:

A really well voiced story!

Cheers and have a nice viewing, the RP way.







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My favourite youtube channels are a bit unstandard for the group. Besides Gopher, my favorites are 'Forgotten weapons' and 'C&Rsenal'. Both hosts are great prsenters and more often than not, the history and mechanics of a given firearm are more interseting than the actual shooting. Honorable mentions go to hickok 45.

And lets not forget The Great War.

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Wow, where to start? There are so many, this many be a long list:

Roawyn, Many A True Nerd, OfficialNerdCubed, Alchesbreach, Darth Xile, Radbrad, Shoddycast, Yogscast Will, MCDReviews, MMoxReview, theRadBrad, theDeModcracy, Lady Lilia, Gameplay Jenny, Tyrannicon, Throthgar Plays-(Kickboxing Banana, in Skyrim? Priceless classic, Tyrannicon's second channel), Darkmatter2525, GameGrumps, Scott Manley, Demolition Ranch, AlphaOmegaSin, AngryJoeShow, Fallout2AM, N0085 4 L1F3, Sips, NCRVet, Zero Period Productions, Vanoss, Nilsors Vault, Cajun Gaming, FrozenFoxy, Maybenexttime(yep), Kitty Lord Meow Meows(yep), TiDinzeo (yep), and pretty much everyone else I've seen in this thread.

Just to name a few off the top. The lists, go on and on, this is by no means even close to being "all-inclusive"...I'm pretty much all over the map, I have many interests.

I make sure to subscribe, to all that subscribe to me, so I'll have to include all of them, too, even though some of them don't have videos, yet.

Roawyn was the first, because I actually found him first, from a guide on Steam, "At A Loss For Words" a how-to video on the obscure challenge, that he'd put up there, and linked to Youtube. I'd messed around with New Vegas and Fallout 3, for a few years already, and was looking for something new to do.

That was back in July-Aug 2013, when I started my own channel. I was sort of inspired, and the "Wasteland Maid Service" was born, because I went around taking everything not nailed down, and keeping it...basically, taking the waste, out of the Wasteland, and stuffing it in containers in the "House Under The Hill" mod.

Roawyn was still in single-digit episodes for "At A Loss For Words", back then, had just started, when we met, and he had me do a "Subscriber Spotlight" , where we played "Infested", and he shot me, on accident (!), when we met up, while asking me about what got me into gaming, and all that...

I was just getting interested in modding then, and I found Gopher around the same time, and started to learn modding.

I'll be sure to check out those I haven't seen from here, yet. Like my multiple lists aren't long enough yet.  :) 

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