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Hey guys!

Just wanted to drop a line about our stream and the group behind it I co-founded in 2009 called Forced Fable. A little background...

When we first started the group it was just two people. Myself, and a long time friend of mine, Tyler. At the time we were both still in the Marine Corps, and had been through everything together. Bootcamp, MOS school, two duty stations, three deployments. If he is anything, he is my brother. 

Anyway, we started the group on Tumblr, and bought a domain name, for the purpose of writing. The goal was to write a book in The Elder Scrolls universe (this was just before that one book... about the floating island that created zombies and the people on the island ate essences). We also started doing simple excerpts from ideas we brainstormed. After a while, we realized we could try to expand a bit into the YouTube side.

This is where it breaks off a bit. Tyler and I ended up going to different duty stations (he went to Okinawa, I went to North Carolina). He also had a kid with his wife, and had a lot on his plate. I decided to take up the majority of the work and did what I could, without truly knowing what I was doing.

Fast forward a few years.

Now we have six people in the group (including Tyler and I) with another prospect being looked at. We do mainly live streams now. This sucks, because we had some good stuff posted on our YouTube channel. We haven't had any content added to the channel in a long time. The website gets the occasional article when our writer, Ben, is able to get something to me.

From the beginning I've been a huge advocate of this: Family and full-time jobs come first. What we've been able to make, people have enjoyed. It isn't constant, because the majority of us simply can't provide the time needed for a decent flow of content. This is a "hobby-job," as my wife calls it, and it can't take center stage.

For most of my group, they have jobs and lives. I am finishing college and stay at home while my son goes to full-time day care. I have some time, when I'm not worrying or doing other things, to add content. But I don't have the time or ability to add the content to all the different platforms we put ourselves on. Initially, we did. We were good. Then life caught up with the majority of my guys, and now we provide what we can, when we can.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. I'm not expecting anything, just wanted to put our group out there and see if the stuff we made was enjoyable. We stream when we can, at the moment it's mainly Chris and Luke (GameOder and Gaedikus if you ever drop by) with my streams starting back up soon.

All of our information can be found in my signature block below. Thanks for reading, if you did!

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Ah, I see you made it to the Community Creations subforum! Although I don't really know what you are doing I will probably take a look at one of the streams (if that works out, seeing that you are in the US... which probably means that the streams are in the middle of the night for me.).

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