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Don't die please.

Isn't it the same building Cherryboy is in?

Bwah! @Just Louise, what I did was think of a concept (so in my case, a psychopath), then listed a few personality traits which I try to keep to whilst RPing, and then thought of an appearance. From

I already put two posts for the RP that should help with some of it, but basically my character wants to explore an area that is more or less a pit of death. He knows he cant do it alone so he wants to enlist the help of other people to watch his back.

Are the locations you mentioned there established locations in the Fallout universe or your own creations?

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Yup, if these guys are joining, so am I!

Sounds like an interesting idea... Your character doesn't speak though, apparently? Intriguing :P 

I'll be making my character sometime soon, but I don't know that much about Fallout lore, so prepare your correction bombardment turrets. 

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Yeah, would be nice if you put a compilation of the data so far and some more information in this thread.

Sounds very interesting so far, though.

EDIT: Oh and, should I roll a Mari and draw the characters? :P

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Ugh, don't remind me. I had more to do that week than I expected, I haven't had a single silent minute. But I should be able to write my char tomorrow, I have him already figured out:

A young man, around 22 years old, from a small, rather isolated village a bit west of the Mojave. He grew up there, but after his girlfriend Maria died after an overdose his rival gave her, he set out the wasteland to find any drug dealer he can find to find the one responsible for his friends death, who fled the village in the chaos after Maria's death. He pities everybody who is addicted to chems (even if they chose to take them freely, he is a bit naive), but hates drug dealers with a passion, known for killing them whenever one makes a false move. However, he is not a killer. Marcus (his name, btw) chooses to speak with them first and tries to persuade any dealer to leave their business, a trait his mother inheritated him. Ironically, he is a bit addicted to Med-X himself since his childhood. He tends to get into all sorts of trouble: walkways break under his feet, glasses he tries to drink from shutter in his hands - he is not a lucky person. His mother was a doctor and she had to perform quite a few minor operations on him. Since that time, he loves the feeling of Med-X which he takes after every fight but refuses to see that as an addiciton.

Moreover, he was always fascinated by prewar police special forces, ever since he found a comic about a police strike team. It took some time, but he managed to assemble a outfit, consisting of a vault security helmet and a red bandana, a tactial vest over a dark-blue jacket, grey trousers and combat boots. His equipment is complimented by an old, but good maintained M4A1 with a short-range red dot sight, a silenced 10mm USP. both with flashlights, and a small hatchet his grandfather gave him before his death. His bandana is also a memory: it was his friends favorite and he uses it as a memory of her. If not used, he folds it neatly and puts it in a small pocket on his right upper arm

Marcus is a very skilled with his ranged weapons and fairly decent in melee - however, anybody who is serious about colse combat will be able to best him. After his father lost his arm trying to blast through a cave to form an emergency tunnel, he also avoids explosives. He was trained by his father and an ex-ranger after he first left his hometown and was almost killed by raiders. The old man taught him about fire arms, combat tactics, melee, survival and a bit field first aid. Marcus' father was a mechanic, so he knows who to best maintain his stuff. His mother had hoped that Marcus would become the villages next doctor, since he was a very skilled medicine pupil, but never could get him to stay. The last of his major skills is sneaking, which he learned when he and his friends would meet after bed time a small shack behind Marcus' house.

Marcus is a calm, polite man who tries to reason with anybody, even if he already believes that reasoning is not the right way. However, if diplomacy failed, he will usually put a number of bullets into his counterpart. From time to time, he is a bit naive and reserved, for example when somebody is telling stories. However, he is not stupid nor shy. When he is listening, he is already making plans for the future.

Besides from drug dealers, he hates slavers, murderers and rapists with a passion and will do almost anything to bring them to justice - one way or another. After Maria's death he never touched a woman before, due to a promise he gave her during her funeral. Because of that, he often appears rude to girls and women who try to know him better.

Marcus follows every lead to Maria's murderer and explores every last corner of the wasteland to track him down. Because of that, he is also pretty interested in an expedition to Quarry Junction.

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Alright, I realized I just wrote my char. Will add his abilities later!
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You should make a character thread, something in the style of mine (if you haven't already and I'm just a blind owl).

I'll draw him and @Chibihelghast's character later (possibly today). I've already done mine, and since the opportunity is here, brag time!


I'll make a thread with all the characters in once they're all drawn.


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