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Hello All,

  I recently started watching some of Gophers earlier videos, namely the Fallout 3 Let's Play, and noticed a distinct difference between the audio quality of those videos compared to his more current videos such as Fallout New Vegas & Witcher 2.

  When I listen to my own videos, I notice that my quality is on par with that of Gopher's earlier videos and I would like it to be on par with his current ones.  I don't think it is an equipment issue as I am using a Blue Yeti mic, recording with Action (I used to use DXTory, but it doesn't handle 4k very well) and editing with Sony Vegas.

  I did watch an old video of Gopher's describing how he does his recording (back in his DXTory days), but I still can't seem to replicate his current quality.  Can anyone point me towards any tutorials or information sources that will help me get better sound quality?

Thank you in advance,


P.S. I am not sharing my youtube link here out of respect for Gopher.  Plus, my channel is kind of an embarrassment at the moment.  :)

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First of all: Share your YT account here. It is okay and even encouraged! And if your voice quality is on par with gophers old stuff i don't think you need to hide.

About audio: It would be easier to help you if we had something to actually listen to.
By looking at the mic: Try to use the Cardioid directivity and don't be too close to it.
It can also help to wrap some cloth around it to reduce pop sound you can get.


(Important: I am no professional in this field, all I'm saying is based on my limited experience. So please correct me if I'm wrong.)

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About the quality,  he recorded FO3 and even Stiv's LP with his old mic (which I believe might've actually been the mic on his headset).

I can't remember when he started using his new Røde Podcaster which he uses now.

That's the main difference between his old LPs (FO3, Stiv, Amnesia: The Dark Descent) and the new ones (pretty much everything else).

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