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Fellow minions of the dark one, do not despaire! i have not stopped making Schnitzels, actually ive been doing it almost once every other week(cheap student food).

I even moved to a new apartment with even more people to scare! hmm, ive seen people hang up signs in the elevator saying
"going to have a party tonight, please contact if too loud."

maybe i should hang a sign there aswell saying
"i didnt kill anyone i was just making schnitzel." 

hmm... that sorted out what im going to do for dinner! thanks for the recall @Philosophercat

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I remember when I was first starting out on the forums and the first really insame topic I witnessed.

Some guy asked if anyone has ever randomly run into Gopher out in the real world and from there, it spiraled out into a discusion about stalking Gopher and his family. It got so bad, Pcat had to lock down the entire thread.

Those were good days.

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