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Found 5 results

  1. EDIT: nevermind, the features that could possibly have been a sollution to the crowding problem are hidden in a premium version of this plugin (this version comes at €10). See third reply for a vanilla alternative. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Would this be the perfect plugin to fix Gophers crowding issue when he is streaming MC? https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/party-and-friends-for-bungeecord.9531/ The plugin adds a friend and party system, but most importantly it allows you to toggle player-invisibility in a few differe
  2. Please someone, anyone help me. I'm so tired of all this technical issues with pc. I jumped right in off xbox1 with having very little to no pc experience. I love mods and the way the game looks. That being said I bought skyrim the original because it has a ton of mods on nexus. However the game will not load with any mods, cuts out right after Bethesda logo pops up. I don't get error code or anything. I Have nexus mod manager and have been using it for oblivion and skse. Yes, I do own skyrim special edition as well and can mod somewhat ok. I bough the original cause there is like 8x m
  3. The address is: Shutdown! Plugins: LogBlock GriefPrevention WorldEdit WorldGuard PvP Manager ChopTree PermissionsEX WorldBorder The server is going down permanently. Due to recent events I am no longer able to host the MC server. Server Files: Download! Server files include all the plugins, configs, and maps. Rules:
  4. Anybody have any ongoing large scale projects that could use some assistance? Or anyone have a good idea for a community project?
  5. Hey all, a few weeks ago, when i joined the vanilla server, it was really busy, with 30-40 people at busy hours these days im happy if i see more than 10... are people bored with the server allready? there are still some people building cool stuff here! are some people still having trouble connecting to the new address maybe? have you all given up on minecraft? whos going to help this villager? so many questions!
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