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Found 7 results

  1. Nakor88


    So Random post, GoG is doing something interesting and probably the main reason why I haven't used it more. I have many games on steam and as such it's not really in my interest to give my money to some other platform to provide me games. GoG however has started a new program and if they stick with it I think I will be switching. You can link your gog and steam account and they will GIVE YOU FOR FREE any game you already own that they are doing at that time and you can come back and add more once they do. In theory eventually you could move over your whole game library. So link down below do it or don't just thought I'd share. Have a good one. https://www.gog.com/connect
  2. My Steam account name is one letter longer than the maximum character count for linking to the account I just made. Seems to be built using the same forum tools as the LinusTechTips forum but I didn't have any problem linking my Steam account there. I assume the limit was placed to prevent linking to spam accounts, but mine is just a bit long: ZacLawrenceRupnow.
  3. Hi. i was thinking to play skyrim again so i installed some mods also SKSE but when i was at the site of SKSE i saw that you can do it via steam. i tried it and it does work but maybe if Gopher can make an Update on his youtube for SKSE it will help others and ofcourse i want to know what he thinks of it. (sorry for my bad english..) Greetz, Ivar.
  4. http://steamcommunity.com/games/377160/announcements/detail/128712951172870673 Nice to note a couple of points on there, like: Almost like Bethesda has an insider who watches Gopher's videos and knows his specific control set needing more keys. Again, as with any and all betas, use this patch at your own risk until Bethesda signs off on it and confirms it for the live build.
  5. I was about a month off given my estimation, though my sources haven't been too far off the mark either. Just surprised it'd be June, then again if Valve is thinking more globally (as they should), June-July would be a better "summer time" for a large portion of the northern hemisphere, as well as Asia which is where Steam (and Valve by extension) is experiencing rocketing growth since 2014, and is only set to keep going this year. The public leak is here, on Reddit. For those interested in taking part of this Steam Sale and are not aware of the Golden Rules, they're basic. Never go below 50-60%. Keep games you are interested in getting on a better deal on your Wishlist, and set a budget WELL in advance, loaded into your Steam Wallet, and do not over-spend.
  6. http://store.steampowered.com/steam_refunds Perhaps something like this exists in the EU, but over here in the western hem, this is new!
  7. I found an image that has the supposed dates for the Steam Sales. So take it with a pinch of moon dust.
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