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Found 4 results

  1. Do you crave the freedom of the open seas? Do you wish for plunder and adventure? Well then, me and my friends at the Asylum invite you to come join us in the great game of piracy, where we'll either come out ripe with riches or we'll all dance the hempen jig together! Simply follow the link and shoot Montana a PM and you're good to go. Link:http://hempenjig.obsidianportal.com/
  2. OOC: Ave! I am doing an english/hungarian language playthru on youtube (don't know it it's forbidden to link), which cannot be understood if you aren't from Mordor. As I did tabletop roleplaying games for a long time, I am playing thru trying to simulate a personality for the situations inside a game. In this case, I think everybody would go a little mad about nuclear devastation occured in the world of Fallout, so I've chosen my character's madness to be an idealist. He successfully survived, even other people is, and will be dependant on him - the storyline circumstances made him a leader of the Sanctuary faction. I would be happy to share his thoughts and feelings in a In Character diary, where you discover his computer logs, and we can communicate like we were on different parts on Earth, never meeting, but talking. I will seek a place in the forums for this - but if you point it out for me, we will be harder-faster-better-stronger, and you will receive my thanks. About me: I am an IT guy with interpersonal manipulation skills, marketing, dreaming, roleplaying, and being in a forest suits me.
  3. What are Role Plays. Well to put it simply they are a collaborative story revolving around two or more players. Typically known as RPers. And Role Plays or RPs for short can involve as many as dictated by the Game Master or GM. Role Plays will usually have different needs stemming from what type of RP they are. And these rules can and will change when you bounce around multiple RPs. In general be nice, don't god mod which is don't know anything In Character (IC) that s/he wouldn't otherwise know, things you learn in Out Of Character threads (OOC). Don't play Mary/Marty Stus or the perfect character without any flaw. And try to write within the best of your abilities. Perhaps I'll elaborate upon these later but for now this should give you an idea of what to expect going into a RP for the first time. Now RPs tend to favor a few archetypes and they are. The Tavern, or hub based Role Plays. These will have a central unchanging location where RPers enter in and interact with others. These places can be any single building that would typically house a bar full of people. Sometimes there are exceptions like Apartment complexes but for the most part they are places strangers will converge after a long day or where they plan to spend the night. Stories here can be free form or controlled by a plot according to the GM's wishes. Characters within will usually not be acquainted with each other and will form many different types of relationships. The Town. A Town RP is much like the Tavern, however on a much larger scale with many roles to play. Towns can have Mayors, Doctors, Drunkards anything you would expect to find within a functioning Town. Much like Tavern RPs, Towns can be free form or have a plot already in the works. The Adventure. These are classic D&D fare, where RPers embark on a long and dangerous quest due to a myriad of circumstances. These are usually more structured and more controlled by a GM. The Factions RP. These are a collection of Towns each usually controlled by each RPer. Factions can either have single cities, small towns, or actual factions; much like the BoS, or Thalmor in their respective universes. Faction RPs tend to have a lose plot, but it will vary between GMs. Some may favor some coming disaster others may expect it's own RPers to create such events. The Nation RP. Akin to Faction RPs, Nation RPs are player controlled. However unlike smaller faction based RPs Nations can be entire states or territories of land much like that in Real Life. You control the government, it's peoples and what they produce. And as such you have to deal with local and foreign issues. Droughts and Famines, Invading Nations or potential allies. The name of the game is War or perhaps it's Peace? The Arena. A Arena RP is where RPers duke it out, typically this requires more knowledge of physical anatomy and combat expertise. It also requires someone willing to mod over the results in a way that satisfies both parties, the more skillful and in-depth you are the better your outcome. 1V1 RPs. This is more practice or Romance. And is usually done in Private Messages. And Tabletop which are Pen and Paper turned digital. Rulebooks and Stats are the name of this game. This is classic D&D right here. And players must know the rules in order to play, which can result in some hilarious outcomes. If you know how to manipulate the game. Keep your GM on his toes and you might emerge victorious. RPs can also be categorized by posting format. Free RPs are those with little to no posting requirements and posts can be a small as single sentences. Casual RPs are slightly more detailed and may involve lengthier posts. Details such as I reached for the doorknob and turned it carefully. Advanced RPs are beasts. And often have multiple paragraphs. These usually have far more detail then any other RP type. E.G. I outstretched my palm and grasped the brass doorknob with my sweaty fingers. Cautiously I twisted the knob and creaked open the door. Now let's talk a bit more about the role of Game Masters. Typically a game will have one GM with a few Co-GMs for keeping everyone on plot, or going over character sheets. Anything that makes the GM's life and role a little easier. After all we live our own lives away from here. And sometimes we are just too busy to pop in all the time. The GM will usually chart the course the RP will take. From which world the RP hails, to what will be seen down the road. However not all GMs will actively do this. Some RPs manage along just fine without a true D&D GM. These are called Community run RPs, where majority vote rules. Though it may be a good idea to have a GM on stand by in case things get a little too fired up. Arguments may run too long and sometimes you need to call upon someone with the power to do things in the now. Though as I said RPs will vary depending upon who has the reins, and what type of RP it is more associated with. In RPs like Faction or Nations, Community run tends to work between well known groups. That said having Co-GMs who know lore, tech or agriculture may help to keep things reasonable. RPs can take soo many forms that it's quite difficult to explain them all. However I leave you all with these last words. Obey each rule set in place by the GM, assuming it is one that makes sense. E.G. Two trains at a crossing cannot pass until the other has passed. Understand that not everyone speaks the same language and there will be discrepancies and misunderstandings. Do your best to treat each other with respect. Strive to always better yourself in your writing. And most importantly have fun, for if you aren't having fun what's the point. Oh and one last thing. And probably one of the most important rules in general. Don't play Uber characters. The Ninja, the Dovahkiin, The Lone Wanderer. The number of people who can RP a Uber character is so minuscule that almost no one can play Uber characters well enough, they will always be too strong, smart or otherwise talented that it will always unbalance a RP to the point where tasks designed for a whole Party will be completed with relative ease. That simply isn't fun for anyone.
  4. So, seen @Jasch and @Shiroi_gaijin do this, and I really feel like I should do this too. Before I've made a character called Bjorn, and his story was fun... But his save broke. So, I restarted, picking the same sort of personality and appearance, but a different story. The Story of Bjorn the Bear (who isn't a bear, by the way) It was late at night, and Bjorn had hiked too far again. Before him stood a wall with strange runes carved on it, something he was sure he had heard of before. However, Bjorn was not eager to investigate; he was wet, cold, tired, and annoyed with himself for going so far and not bringing any furs. He needed a strong beverage and a nights sleep, not a memory of fingering cold stone like an idiot. Bjorn turned around, and, this time picking a presumably safer track, set on his way down from the mountain. Then he saw three things. The first two were quite usual; a building in the distance, possibly an Inn, and the glow of a camp-fire. But the third, to his right, was something he only saw twice before. The Dwarven ruins captured Bjorn's interest, even more than the strange wall, but he was not about to investigate. He carried on downwards through the freezing air. Along the way he found a skeleton burried in the snow, and reevaluated his choice of this "safer" track. Nevertheless, he continued, and found the source of the light he saw before. A giant's camp. Great, thought Bjorn. He knew better than to attack gian'ts, so he picked a sneaky route, hiding from the light of the fire. Along the way, he got attacked by a frostbite spider, and quickly, without thinking, picked up a giant's club and smashed the arachnid to pieces. Due to the confusion, he went down the wrong path, and found himself standing infront of the Dwarven ruins. The campfire within looked more welcoming than anything he has ever seen before in his life, and temptation overtook him. But before he could take another step, three bandits rushed out from the gate. He killed them, barely escaping with his life, took their furs, and turned around, hoping to find his way to the building he saw before. He was successful, and upon arriving at Nightingale inn, he bought two bottles of wine, which he then drank, then, outraged at the price of the rooms, marched out of the inn. It was now early morning, and he was drunk, still very tired and angry. His sense of honour told him to do one thing, however; kill the bandits in the camp. The war was only escalating and so he doubted guards or soldiers would be sent to deal with them, and so, being a proud and currently drunken nord warrior, he set out for the ruins.
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