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Found 2 results

  1. So there are four topics I want to cover in this post. The first is a thank you to all those who have been helping slab around the wither pads to increase spawns and a general appeal for more people to aid in this endeavor. The second topic is the lack of an express rail on the Green (south) Nether Highway and in particular how awkward it is to get to the Wither Pads when you have to change tracks twice, let alone all the station stops. We need an express lane like they have on the blue road, one leading from Spawn Hub all the way to the Wither Pads without any stops along the way. Thirdly I would like to propose that all regular wither hunters should form a cooperative, donating say one skull each to create a beacon set at the pads. Regen first of all, and then str, speed etc if more donations come in. Fourthly - Horses. They are littering the Nether, blocking tracks and generally causing lag. People, please don't abandon your faithful steeds. Or at the very least, make sure they are left where they won't easily wander out over the road. And while I mention it, there are a lot of abandoned dogs showing up all over the world too, from Spawn to The End. And fifthly, when all that is done. A redesign of the pads to make them more efficient might be in order, but that isn't a priority. Yours in good hope. Goatcha.
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