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Found 13 results

  1. So, I recently thought I was going to inherit a PC from my work. I was stoked, thinking maybe it would be a good head start on a gaming rig. Sadly, that did not happen. What did happen was my being gifted both a Slave One and a Millennium Falcon. Now, ever since I was a tech writer and did a feature on this Falcon PC case mod, I've wanted to build it for myself... altered to be sturdy enough to wall mount. It also needs a bit of updating, parts-wise. So basically, am I insane? Here's the Falcon model in question : https://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Electronic-Millennium-Falcon/
  2. Um hello, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but does anyone know Gopher's computer specs? Are they even public? I've searched for them for a little while now and can't seem to find them. Maybe I'm just dumb...
  3. Hi everyone! For some time now I'm thinking about purchasing a new gaming PC. I'd like an advice on the build I'm considering: Some of the parts are just placeholders, because I couldn't find the model I was thinking of. Do you have any suggestions about this build? Please, keep in mind this build is already at the higher end of the budget I'm willing to spend (currently about 1950$ where I live). I'm mainly looking for a way to improve the ratio of performance per dollar.
  4. So in preparation for the upcoming Overwatch game here is a thread dedicated to PC Overwatch players. Since Console users don't have these hassles. To find out your full Name Code which includes your username and numeric code. Simply click your username while Battle Net is open and you'll see an extra code following your username. For instance mine is. VATROU#1788 in that order that is how it is presented and typed into the Friend request search box. So if you wanna partner up, meet new people or just mess around go on share yours! Jognt#2712 Defectius#1807 NafNaf95#21
  5. Hi all, So, there's a decent chance that my workplace will be upgrading its computers (for reasons unknown, everything here works fine) and that there MAY be a free Dell Optiplex 3020 in my future. IF that's the case, I'm wondering what sort of work I could do on it to make it a decent gaming rig. I totally understand that this PC will never be a dream computer, but being that I'm currently gaming on a laptop with a 1.8GHz processor and i believe a 1 gig dedicated GPU, this thing might still be an upgrade if I play my cards right. some stats on the PC in question: Intel core i5-
  6. Good evening to Gopher community!Finally gathered the money to build my dream pc after almost 7 years so here I am!Purpose of the pc will be playing video games on 4K max settings, plus I will probably experiment on streaming/video editing/utubing.My budget is at 1800€ (euros) but I am willing to exceed it for the sake of quality if I need to as it is my dream build and I have high expectations, not more than 100 or 200 € though. The budget includes only the TOWER however if you have any further suggestions for peripherals (especially 4K monitors) you're welcome!I am willing to order the parts
  7. Hello all. So I've had my Pc now for the past four years, and while I have Upgraded it from stock, with a New Graphics card, power unit, and Ram, It's now really starting to show it's age, Running newer gamers at less then 60 fps and a few Blue screens, some of the USB ports have stopped working or are faulty. So I am looking to upgrade on a budget. I have already chosen a new housing or tower unit, which will be the Corsair CC-9011054-WW Graphite series 760 V2. A friend has it, and the side opening door for me is a feature I would love, as cleaning my current Housing is a chore ,
  8. So a friend of mine is going to be giving me a brand new Blue Yeti mic, and I'm looking to upgrade to a set of good 7.1 surround sound headphones. I know we have a few regular audiophiles that peruse our forums, so I'd like to hear their suggestions on a pair of cans that'd go with my underused sound card I paid top dollar for, lol.
  9. Kinda surprised we don't have one of these threads already. Anyway thought it'd be cool to see how the Minions roll. Please note images uploaded to the forum using the post attachment system before the forum transfer have only survived as thumbnails, images uploaded to an external image host e.g. Flickr still display correctly. General posting rules: If posting multiple additional images or embedded videos please place them under spoilers. Helps out with page load times for those with slower connections. e.g.: Gopher's Setup 200k Subscriber Special - A Tour of Gophers Computer Room If quoting
  10. Hello! The topic below is just me really asking you guys how you feel about the new Pascal architecture, how it applies to me, if it applies to you, and if anyone has any opinions on it and G-sync monitors, etc. The Current Build Currently have a supreme PC I bought back in 2011 that is essentially still...somehow...a monster of a machine. The dual 670's might sound outdated now but believe me, they've brought me all the way up to The Witcher 3 with many things on Ultra and some on High. A bit of a side note that may cause controversy: I find it pathetic that a game such as the Witch
  11. Hello friends! I am creating this topic to see if we can create an organized list of all the tweaks, fixes, etc we can find in the Net. A.- Third party software F4SE(silverlock.org) by Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel, and Purple Lunchbox (ianpatt, behippo, and plb) ENBseries(enbdev.com) by Boris Vorontsov with his ENBoost(nexusmods.com) Shadow Boost(dev-c.com) by Alexander Blade NMM(nexusmods.com) by Robin Scott B.- INI Tweaks Fallout4.ini Fallout4Prefs.ini C.- Performance Mods Fallout 4 - Texture Optimization Project(nexusmods.com) (
  12. A discussion created for people to post their pc builds and have others review them, check for issues, or simply advise on. Here is mine. Is everything compatible? Do I need any other parts? What do you think of the parts? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/t3X7xr
  13. OK first of all hello everyone I am new to this forum (and generally to using forums :P) and I am really glad to be part of gophers minions. I have watched Gopher for over a year now. So let's cut to the chase. In a month or so I will have finished my law studies and I will return back to my hometown. Up until now I only had a mediocre laptop cause I was always moving due to the fact I was living in a different town. However now that I am going back home as a big gaming enthusiast I am looking into making my own gaming pc cause this 4 years ol' laptop can't really handle much. I haven't decide
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