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Found 6 results

  1. I cant log into my nexus mod manager anymore. When I try to login it says sending log in token, then after awhile it says it timed out. I don't know what to do. I checked threw a couple of forums and saw something about a pop up window being infront could be the problem. I don't know I'm knew to this any feed back please. Heading to work now, thanks
  2. I really got hooked on mods with xbox and skyrim. I bought a pc so I could get deep into mods. Recently been playing skyrim and have mods threw nmm and haven't had "too" much trouble. Just a couple days ago I downloaded Oblivian and went to the scan part on nexus to get set up. Oblivian never showed up and now when I try to get into my nmm manager a grey box pops up and says skyrim is not set up to work on nexus and if you have game installed, to rescan. On the top of the box it says unrecognized game. The major problem is I cant open nexus to scan any games now because I cant get past t
  3. download mods off nexus sight without using mod manager? I cant get into my nmm manager and I would like to download knew mods but I cant because I have a grey box that tells me skyrim is not set up too work on nexus. I cant get into it and scan games or anything. Just started this crap because I had xbox and got hooked on mods. Really starting to regret that decision. Also what about mod order? Downloading manually I don't know if it would mess up the order? Sleepless in Pasco!
  4. I can't get into my nmm. I have it downloaded and some mods already working. I tried to scan oblivian and now I can't even get into nmm anymore. Grey box open and says nmm is not set up to work with skyrim. I can't get past grey box to scan any games now. Should have never got oblivian. Please help with terminology for dummies please.
  5. For Gopher and anyone else who can't play with the vanilla controls and is annoyed by auto-hotkey, tyhere is now a solution. New to the Nexus its: Interface Hard Coded Key Tweaks Fallout 4 version by SomeThingEviL http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10106/
  6. the body mods are here, and so the hotfiles on the nexus are hereby listed as nsfw for the next year and a half. that, and skimpy armor conversions. summary: if you want to check nexus in public, either be careful, or switch adult content off
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