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Found 9 results

  1. So I gotta say I love to see to Gopher use his own personality when playing games and he seems to like to play games with multiple endings and have good choices as well as bad. I suggest that He plays Fable Anniversary, and the Older Elder Scrolls games, anyone else on board?
  2. Hey there its my | Xavier_Featherfall | you know the guy that now one knows ^^ ____________________________A bit about my self____________________________ Im form this small place called The Netherlands I have been a fan of Gophers Videos since 2012/3 So yeah old memes, Where is J'zargo and Bill this was it for now so have a nice day ^^
  3. Hello all, My name is Martin. 29 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I love Gopher's videos about The Elder Scrolls V. I hope to learn a lot about the new videos that Gopher is posting.
  4. Now I'm not a fan of this, but for the people that play Fallout 2, recently they launched the English version of the mod Fallout 1.5: Resurrection (before it was only available in Czech). I found out about this via this article: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/fallout-15-resurrection-gives-us-the-fallout-3-we-always-wanted?utm_source=mbfb
  5. Hello all! Thought i'd say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I've been watching Gopher for years now but only just got around to officially joining his minion army. It'll be a pleasure to meet you all. Have a good day, everyone!
  6. Hello everyone i have been watching gopher for a year or so now and he mentioned the forums on his Minions Monthly for November so i thought i would check it out. so not only am i new to here i am new to forums in general. i am exited to meet and game with you all.
  7. Wow. I haven't played this mod yet but I just got to mobbd and saw this: http://www.moddb.com/mods/five-nights-at-vault-5/news/five-nights-at-vault-5-release#readarticle Five nights at Vault 5! A mod for New Vegas which let's you experience the... questionable fun that is Five nights at Freddys! So, yeah. Go ahead, try it out... and tell me whether you liked it or not
  8. i need some advice, my beloved laptop has now sadly given up, it lost 1.5 of 3 usb:s a year ago and now all 3 usb:s and its left click are gone. it was a wonderfull Probook 5330m intel i5 vpro that could handle some modern games well. But since Witcher 3 and the approching FO4 i realise i need a gaming laptop. i already have a decent PC but im a student and travel between homes a lot so thats why i need a laptop. My problem is i really dont now what im looking for, should i buy one thats complete or patch a lesser one up?, so any advice would really be helpful, im hoping for a laptop at around or below 10 000sek or 1200$ thanks!
  9. the 5 first comments(no more than 1 per person) of foodstuff/food/fooditem/fruit/berry/nut/item you can eat: i´ll use in creation of a dessert have fun, please dont be too hard on me hahaha (knowing you ill get comments like "cats" "gophers" "surströmming")
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