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Found 7 results

  1. An effort to map the Nether highway's/ SS (and outher ring) now that they are close to being done. Be aware that this map is not to scale (especially the north line which will be redrawn soon). I hope that this may help you on your travels through Minionland. - Thanks to Tirius and his amazing maps for the idea. Progress tracker West line done north line redrawing in progress south line mapping in progress (thanks Tirius) The Map Old Versions: https://imgur.com/a/k8QkCgo
  2. 1) Main Nether slipstream upgrade: Since @Pajoonk made me a member of the ministry of transport (for the main nether-slipstreams), I have been going around the main Nether SS. While doing that, I noticed that they mostly use 1 row of ice with 1 row of lowered slabs or something similar next to it (see picture). Because most of them are only 2 rows wide I already started to widen them to a 3 wide SS so 2 people can use it at the same time. (EDIT: east and west SS are widened) Since boats are slightly wider than 1 block, they will always be on top of the ice and lose no speed as long a
  3. I can see this being a delicate thing, but with the whole nether-SS and spawn-SS-station overhaul going on, I was thinking that the Nether-SS-HUB might require some love aswell. At the moment there is only one entrance to the SS around the nether HUB which is situated at the start of the red (north line) and it is quite easily missed in my opinion. With all the work that has already went into and will still go in the nether SS, I think/ hope that they will slowly become a more viable way of travel in the nether (especially over long distances). Therefore I think that we might need a clearer
  4. The main topic can be found in the link below, but because it looks like you can only vote once in total (even after adding a new poll) I made this side topic. As you might have heard, we are working on a nether SS overhaul/ upgrade. The east line is currently almost upgraded and will need to be continued further east (current end is at JrRedec's tower where the original SS ended). With the current east line almost completed, and having an idea about what works and what doesn't, I was thinking about starting on the south line because it seems to be one of the most important/ most used
  5. Pealse check my second post, this is the old (impossible) idea. I want to suggest some changes to the railway systems like the nether highway. At this point you are constantly stopped when traveling on the nether highway even if that stop is not your destination. I would like to change that by making the ‘stops’ take place on a separate rail so that people who don’t need that stop are able to keep on travelling uninterrupted: Those stops would occur with specified intermezzo’s (e.g. every 100 blocks) The biggest problem would be that the walkway in the middle of the highway will be
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