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Found 9 results

  1. Okay, this has really bothered me for a bit, my junk tags aren't there when I hover over an item. I've followed Gopher's install instructions for Dev_UI and VIS, and they still aren't there. VIS is the last mod (Other than the VIS compatibility patches after it) so as far as I understand it, junk item tags should be there. Could it be an issue with the ICONSBLU mod (Updated icons for VIS) or some problem with the Gold PipBoy - Color Screen mod? In my last playthrough, it got annoying, but never too bad, as I pretty much grabbed everything and dragged it back to base. But here, with the low strength on this character, I really need to limit my loadout. Any ideas, folks?
  2. This is a short list of mod-category’s each with some examples of mods that are confirmed to be allowed on the server. If you know of any other confirmed mods that are not yet in the list feel free to leave a comment and I will add it to the list. If you are not sure about a mod and it isn’t in this list, then it doesn't mean that it is not allowed on the server. I suggest making a redmine ticket with some info on that mod, so that the admins can take a look at it and give you a deffinitive answer. Feel free to leave a comment with the answer to help out fellow minions with the same questions. General rule's: Client side mods that don’t allow cheating are allowed Any Resource packs is allowed (expect for x-ray kind of things) Any shader is allowed Underneath each mod-name/ mod cathegory, there is a spoiler section which contains some more info (as listed below). If a mod-name/cathegory has a red color, there are functions that don't work on the server or for wich you need to ask premission (preferably through redmine and not in this tread). what the mod does functions that are not working/ not allowed on the server other requirements a link to its web-page Correct me if I made a mistake somewhere. (The most used) Confirmed mods that are allowed on the server: 1) Preformance enhancing mods: 2) Minimap mods 3) HUD mods (they should be fine but there might be some that are not, the ones listed here are allowed) 4) Inventory Managment 5) Recepie mods 6) Chat mods 7) Building help 8) Light level meters 9) Utility mods 10) Cosmetics/ gimmicks Mods that aren't confirmed but should be fine (at least not that I'm aware of, but I don't know everything) To quote what Rodzyn said below: "Most of client side mods should be good to use unless they let you see through walls, automate actions etc." Instalation instructions for Forge/ Optifine/ Liteloader combo's Instalation of different launchers Multi MC: check this tread by @malice936: https://community.gophersvids.com/topic/3800-noob-guide-to-client-mods-multimc/?page=2#comment-45403 Modpack @BloodiestCODY once created a modpack for the server which can be found here: https://mods.curse.com/modpacks/minecraft/251725-practically-vanilla-1-10 It contains most of the mods listed here since I basically bundeld his list with some other ones posted on the forum and gave some more information on what each mod does.
  3. Howdy-Ho, All! I have run into a problem after having to reinstall Steam. The PipBoy screen while in power armor has turned shades of pink and I can't seem to figure out which mod(s) might be the problem. Gopher had a very nice set of mods to use that he had posted in one of his Fallout 4 play-through YouTube videos, but I can't track down the specific video. I do run a ton of mods and generally don't have any issues unless FO4SE, the game, or something else has a major update. I can generally fix problems, but this one issue is proving to be a whipping. I have attached a copy of my load order from LOOT if it will help. It is in .ODT format from Open Office, by the way. Any advice or assistance is greatly appreciated and Thank You very, very much! Today is house cleaning day, so it may be awhile before I get back to this. Happy Saturday! Load Order 4-2017.odt
  4. Pajoonk

    Block MODS

    OK. We all had our feel of vanilla MC. Can we at least start considering adding some block mods? As for me, simply adding slab and stair block, maybe wall, for any block type would be amazing. TBH it's something that Mojang should have done long time ago. They have textures, just need to realign them to fit new types. Looking at Terraria i.e. it's really shameful that after so much time such basic blocks are not in the game. I don't know much about MC modding. It's my first, and probably last MC MP server, and my SP was 100% vanilla. I heard that mods adding such blocks change much more in game...but for Goddess sake, we are modding community, centered around Dark Lord of HUD Mods...i think we can make a MOD tailored to our needs. Hell, I even had idea that we can somehow convince Gopher to help with modding our server, to maybe rekindle his passion for MC this way. Anyway just a thought. I think it's worth to start this discussion here (or rekindle it if it was already had). Much have changed from launch, most of us playing now know each other well, and I think we BUILT our right to slowly steer away from this abandoned by devs Vanilla. Even by little would be huge improvement!
  5. Afternoon y'all. An hour ago, I decided I wanted to make my third attempt at playing and completing TES Oblivion. Twice before I have stopped playing shortly after escaping, due to technical/life issues. This time I want to go at it with the best possible case scenario. The must have mods, the mods that make the game look muuuuuch better, etc. Any suggestions in the aid of that endeavor would be greatly appreciated. So far I only have one mod that it's a must. Unofficial Oblivion Patch. I'm looking for the best way to improve textures, QoL, etc. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone!I finally got around to starting my first playthrough of Witcher 3.First thing after changing all the in game options to my liking I started modding the game.I installed couple of mods:ShortHairGeralt,GILL_FD and BetterIcons.After I installed those mods,I maked sure they were working and they were,without any problems.Then I wanted to install a mod by Gopher called immersive HUD,I followed all the instructions and I couldn't get it to work.Each time I would start the game I would get a script compiling error and the game wouldn't start.I googled the problem in hope of finding a fix.I found 2 "solutions" and of course I tried both of them,1.was to delete the "hacks" folder in the installation folder of Witcher 3 and 2.was to create telemetykeyword.ws file.Nothing worked,so this is my last effort.I really hope someone can help me with this. This is the error messege I get every time I run the game with immersiveHUD installed: Error [content0]game\quests\quest_function.ws(1368): Function 'SetSoundClueEventNames' does not take 4 param(s) Error [modimmersivehud]game\gameplay\focus\focus.ws(200): Could not find function 'Log' Error [modimmersivehud]game\gameplay\focus\focus.ws(254): Could not find function 'Log' Warning [content0]engine\environment.ws(25): Global native function 'EnableDebugOverlayFilter' was not exported from C++ code. Warning [content0]engine\environment.ws(27): Global native function 'EnableDebugPostProcess' was not exported from C++ code. Warning [content0]engine\showflags.ws(9): Global native function 'DebugSetEShowFlag' was not exported from C++ code.
  7. So I noticed while browsing the forums, that there are Mod subsections to some of the games (namely Bethesda titles) in the Games section of the forum. Better demonstrated with a picture so everyone knows what I'm talking about. ^ That is what I meant, you can see the "Mods" and "Mod Development" subsections for those. Now my request would be to add such a subsection to the Witcher sub-forum for any minions (such as myself) who mod the game extensively, be they users or developers. That part, if added may get more use than the main sub-forum and it would help distinguish mod posts from story and / or lore discussions or what have you. I, for one, would definitely use it to keep sort of a contribution page for the mod I'm developing where the community could enhance it with ideas which they may want added to the game, be they new mechanics, new stats or whatever else they may think about. It would also provide a better place where people could get modding help or suggest / review already existing mods. I like the community because it's mature and friendly, so such discussions would be very beneficial to everyone who plays. I just registered to the site the other day, but I've been a member of the community since just before the first Skyrim mod review when Gopher started them and the Twitch one since he first streamed, so I know the people here are not fans of drama, but of friendly and beneficial discussion. Not sure how others see it, but I think it would be a worthy addition (this isn't a complaint either, more of a suggestion because I love the design of the site overall).
  8. A little bit of a disclaimer, I have been enjoying playing Fallout 4 for the last couple weeks since I build my first PC but when modding the game on certain occasions all of my plugins get deactivated. It's a simple fix, just go into NMM and reactivate them all but I wanted to know if anyone else is having this issue and has a fix for it.
  9. Hi there. So I'd like to get into modding for Fallout 4 and since the Creation Kit is not out yet, I was wondering what kind of preparation I could do to get ready for modding? The things I want to do are mainly to create new types of weapons (think Shouts in Skyrim. It has it's own hotkey and cooldown, separate 'equip slot', etc), so I imagine that would require a lot of coding knowledge. The most in-depth knowledge I have of coding is (don't laugh) JASS from Warcraft 3, so I'm gonna need help to know what I should look up PS: Is Fallout 4 going to use Papyrus like Skyrim or does it have it's own scripting language? Is Papyrus hard to learn?
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