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Found 7 results

  1. So yeah, the GTA V stream I tried the other day only managed to record 5 minutes of a 2 hour play, probably because I closed the internet down, won't make that mistake again. Such a waste, I complained about all sorts of things, from griefers to steering wheels blocking the view of the speedometer and sadly you missed it all. On more positive news, I have started recording my current Fallout 4 playthrough, using Shadowplay to avoid fps loss, so it tends to cut out without warning, still its processing. Created a playlist for it, will try GTA again when I next play it. Still need t
  2. Only... it appears not to have saved to youtube yet.. will get back to you.
  3. Welcome to APEX, If you've played the multiplayer you've seen that message well here's where we as Minions will get together and tackle Multiplayer as a team, or if you just need someone to play with. On PC, X ONE, And PS4. Enter your platform and gamer tag as well as preferred day to play on. VATROU on PC. I'm free weekends, but sometimes I can hop on at nights during the weekdays.
  4. So this idea cropped up on the Discord Minecraft Voice chat a couple of days ago and I thought I would make a topic to get more import and support. While we all agree that while TPA was nice, we don't mind it being taken away and quite understand why. That said there are other opportunities. The Nether Highways, the Deep Roads and the Slipstream are all great, but there is something else that sparks the imagination. For so many of the wonderfully creative minions have built full-scale ships adjoining their properties and while they are visually stunning, they could also be somethin
  5. Greetings Fellow Minions! As many have said in some of the previous introductions I've skimmed, I am also a quite a long time fan of Gopher and his entertaining Let's Plays, Rambles, Instructional Videos, Mod vids and basically anything and everything Gopher. The journey began back in 2011 when I became obsessed with Skyrim, on the Xbox360......now now now! Before anyone berates me (just kidding, I'd expect nothing less than awesome attitudes from anyone involved in a Gopher-oriented community) I had just taken quite a long break from major gaming during my college years and I'm not sure
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