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Found 1 result

  1. As part of the multiple changes due to happen in the next several days, this announcement post will stand as the notice to the community of said changes. Followup posts will be made as needed. ======================= First and foremost, Clan Membership mechanics are now changed as of this date and time. Starting today, Clan Membership requests are no longer done through me, but through newly appointed Executors, listed below. Mouse (Foxmouse in forum, Chocomouse ingame) Hexmortis (forum name Mandor) Dat_Lobo Krayth These Executors are your new active administrators for the clan, responsible for handling clan membership, moderation, and management. They have the power to invite, promote, and kick out of the clan, as well as in-game clan chat moderation. Next, Clan Membership is now a time-limited privilege. As stated in my previous announcement, there are members currently in the clan who have not even logged in the past 3 months, let alone 5 or even 7 months as I type this. This must change. Clan Membership is a privilege, not a right. If you want to keep that slot, a modicum of just being around playing Warframe is enough. We dont ask much, just be around to begin with. As such, I have now purged the current membership list of those who have been inactive for more than 90 days in the clan. Extremely limited exceptions will be applied only to Warlord accounts, as both 3Ventic and Xelphos are busy, obviously. This rule is ironclad, and it will be up to the Executors to check the list and purge as necessary. From now on, Clan Membership invitation is done via posting on this very forum, requesting for an invite. Invites are then handled by one of the Executors by replying to the post and confirming their in-game name. Once confirmed. an invite will be sent to your in-game inbox, and it is up to you to accept it. Unaccepted invites that run for longer than a week will be rescinded, and you'll have to request for another one. Returnees can request for a clan invite if they find themselves out of the clan through the same process. Those who know they may be away on extended periods may need to post on the forum stating their situation, and an Executor is responsible to take note of this. I will no longer be accepting clan invitation friend invites as of this time. The new process is now stated above. If there are complaints about a certain member of the clan, the Executors are the first line to talk to, and they have the responsibility to contact a Warlord for final say. If a Warlord cannot be reached in due time, one of Gopher's moderators will do in their stead. If that is not possible a consensus between currently active Executors will be held, and if a decision is reached, action will be taken in Warframe only. If action needs to be taken outside the game as well, participation of one of Gopher's moderators is required. Executors have the capability to decide the direction of the clan, once they reach a consensus. Gopher, Xelphos, 3ventic, and myself are currently listed as Warlords and can veto decisions, but otherwise such an action wont be taken unless said action is required, or desired by Gopher. Executor assignment is currently assigned to volunteers for the Warframe clan. Regular TS participation is strongly recommended. Warlords have final say who is and isn't an Executor once a volunteer speaks up. Until situations change, myself and Xelphos have executive decisions on Executorship. ======================= Clan Rankings have been changed to allow for more participation from Clan members to streamline the handling of the day-to-day. Chief amongst this is the Lab Minion Rank. Starting today, this rank can be assigned to those who wish to volunteer in keeping up with ClanTech. Executors have this power to grant (and rescind) as they see fit. As such, Lab Minions can assist in the day-to-day. This is not a rank of distinction, nor a mark of elitism. It is a responsibility, and any Lab Minions found not in keeping with this and/or are found to be lax in their responsibility shall be stripped of this rank. Again, as above, Clan Membership is a privilege, not a right. We have limited slots as it is, and as much as we'd like to keep everyone, it is not feasible in the long term. ======================= The Clan Logo has been forcibly changed due to consistent negative feedback from the clan. Against current standing orders of waiting on Gopher to fund this change, I've taken it upon myself to fund the change and get the process going. This may upset current clan members and those of the community, but I feel 3 months of consistent complaints are more than enough to reach a consensus on the matter. If Gopher wishes to rescind this decision, he can do so once Digital Extremes have finished the current Clan Logo application process. ======================= With the expansion of Gopher's fans, and the limited slots in the current clan, I've also taken the decision to open up an Alliance of Gopher's Minions, titled "Alliance of Minions". Membership into this Alliance will be handled through myself for the time being, through the Forum, preferably as an Alliance Membership post. In-game is not as reliable as I may not be able to log into Warframe. This will change over the course of time, and when it is suitable, I'll make a followup post when things need to be changed. This Alliance is created to facilitate those of clans outside the main Clan to be able to participate in the community at large. This isn't created for the now-defunct Dark Sectors. We now have an Alliance chat of which I encourage those from other clans to participate in. Membership into the Alliance must be made by a Warlord or spokesperson for the clan to make contact to me via this Forum. If required, further talks can be made as situation demands from then on. Otherwise, membership should be similar to Clan Membership. Remember that the main Clan is the official clan for Gopher's fans in Warframe. As such, other clans that are part of the Alliance do not represent Gopher in any official capacity in Warframe, and again the best way to keep in touch with Gopher's community is through the Forum in general. ======================= Lastly, I am taking this time to announce my stepping down as active operations Warlord of the Clan, and my stepping away from Gopher and the community. The reasons for this are varied, consistent, and long-standing, and are best handled in private for many of them. What I am willing to say publicly is that there has been consistent negative feedback in regards to my position in the Clan and my running it through various sources, as well as my actions and words being taken negatively as well outside of Warframe in general. As such, to spare everyone more grief as it is (as well as my sanity and emotional well-being), I am taking this opportunity to announce my exit from the community and fandom of Gopher. I will remain for a time to assist in the rather abrupt transition of Warframe clan (and now alliance) management as time permits, but as said, my participation is curtailed to just Warframe at this time, ingame and on this Forum. The Clan Dojo is still of my creation and will require constant management on that end up until game updates make such management superfluous. Those who have me as friends on Steam will remain as such on my end. If they feel that this announcement is against their wishes they can unfriend me, and I will not look negatively upon such. People do as they will. This is mine. That is all, thank you.
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