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Found 3 results

  1. I fondly remember the Minecraft livestreams, which were absolutely awesome. And a huge part of that awesomeness was Gopher figuring out how stuff works. I think that SkyFactory would be perfect for him and a few other patrons to try to figure out on livestreams. Especially with the help of chat) What are your thoughts? P.S. It even has all sorts of blood magic and stuff)
  2. I realise this is a very late post to make considering Gopher does not seem to play Warframe much anymore but i was wondering if there was any chance of the Second Dream quest being uploaded to his livestream archive channel? It is no longer watchable on twitch as it was too long ago to watch the archive version and I never got a chance to see him play it (due to my semi-recent warframe start). If there was any chance to watch it i would very much appreciate it Thanks in advance.
  3. I didn't know this kind of thing was allowed. I have both a YouTube channel as I mentioned in my greetings post: www.youtube.com/brianiangoodman but I also have a streaming channel on twitch: www.twitch.tv/openworldaddict. I don't have a set schedule for streaming yet because I am still get the schedule of my new life coordinated. If I stream, I will post an announcement on it on my YouTube channel as well as on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. I mostly stream on the weekends, sometimes I'll stream on a monday or friday. Most of my streaming is done in the late morning or afternoon, with 11 am the earliest and 3 pm the latest. That is pacific standard time, though because I do live on the west coast of the United states, so if you want to watch my stream you'll have to take that into consideration. (It would most likely be too late for people in Europe to watch, but people in Australia, the pacific islands, or asia would not be too late for.) What I stream will depend on my mood. Last weekend I started streaming Endless Space, and I am not done with the map so I might stream it again next weekend. I usually upload most of my streaming footage to YouTube. Many times I will stream to twitch (it's just easier) but on occasion i will stream to YouTube (Endless Space was streamed to YouTube last weekend in hopes that I will get more watchers). Note: I stream whether or not anyone is watching. If someone does come and watch and chat, that is fine, they are not just welcome but appreciated. However that doesn't stop me from streaming if no one comes. I use music from machinimasound during the wait periods on my stream (during setup and breaks), as well as music that i created for my channels using Sony Acid Music Studio, an excellent way to create music that won't be copyright tagged without having to record a single track. This is because it uses audio loops and if you have a good ear for music, you can put something together that sounds good. Great program. I just have one question: I recently payed for another 18 month license for Xsplit broadcaster. However I tried streaming Skyrim with it and all that happened is it made the game freeze every time I launched it. It was very frustrating, although I have yet to try it out with other games because at this time i have a good OBS setup. Does anyone know why that would happen? One more thing to add, I would like to stream group multiplayer events if allowed.
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