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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Everyone, and hopefully Gopher, I am very new to this community, but not Gopher's videos. I watch him play games when I am unable to... like during work. I have grown to really enjoy his extremely polite and good-natured attitude towards even extremely morally ambiguous trials in various games. I have played games in the past, which include various moral quandaries, that I want him to tackle. I scoured the internet trying to find out where I can speak to him, or if there is a place where I could make a case to him, or his handlers about what to play next, and am as of yet disappointed. Is there a place which I've yet to find where this is done, or must I create a topic in the forums which he might see? I think he should create a place where his fans can make a case for games they want to see him play, and other fans can vote on it. Does that exist? In case it doesn't, I want to make two suggestions. Dragon Age: Origins. I know he has already played it in his own time, as one of his videos talk about how he has enjoy it a lot, but I want to see how he makes the decisions which lead into the next one, and Inquisition. I can watch anyone play a game, but Gopher is entertaining in that he struggles with decisions and explains his thought processes. I want to see how he tackles these in this ongoing saga in Dragon Age. Bioshock Infinite: While there aren't any major decisions to make in this game, because it is completely linear, the story is pretty intense with powerful implications, and I want to see how he experiences these things. The game can actually be pretty challenging as well, and he seems to like that. I don't want to spoil much for anyone who hasn't gotten the opportunity to experience it, or set up Gopher too much in case he hasn't played it. Is there a better place to post my arguments, or is this it? Ithrian
  2. Good evening all. I am MsClaireB and I have been a huge Gopher fan for well over two years. Simply put: I came for the Skyrim mod sanctuary but stayed for everything else. It has been, and continues to be, a great pleasure to watch Gopher's videos and live streams. Not only does he introduce me to new games and teach me new things, but he reminds me of why I love gaming in the first place. I especially enjoy his Minecraft streams and am a member of the Far Lands (my first ever server experience). In fact, I probably would not have started playing Minecraft but for Gopher and his lava tower. Thank you all for being a wonderful and fun community (minions, admins, mods and staff alike). I look forward to spending more game time with you. And to Gopher, I just want to say thank you! You produce such incredible content and have an absolutely fabulous sense of humor. Your videos make me smile and brighten my day. Keep up the great work! And I'll follow your advice and always remember to have fun...
  3. mattloki


    (NOTE: I'm here to ask some questions and to say I'm on the TeamSpeak actively in euro(Ireland) times so if anyone needs help with warframe, payday 2, modding, etc., hail me and I'll see what I can do.) Now back to the topic: How is everyone doing today? Anything I should know about the forums? besides that, could I get a tour of the forum areas I should be checking regularly?
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