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Found 10 results

  1. okay, so i followed the steps gopher laid out in his video on how to download skse64. the problem i am a having is that when i get to the point where i should be putting the skse64 file into nmm, it says it can't be added. i have made sure it isn't just a my nmm is broken, but any help on the matter would be appreciated.
  2. Hello fellow minions, and potentially Gopher, i am a big fan of the channel and of Gopher's lifesaving modding tutorials, but i seem to have run into a problem that i cant find a satisfactory answer to. You see, a short while ago everything was running fine and all my mods were playing nice (well except for some outdoor lighting inconsistency, but i considered that minor) the trouble aroused when i tried to fix the lighting issue. I had (and still have) the realistic lighting overhaul installed but for some reason when in the south of the map (riften or falkreath) the nights would be absolute pitch black while the rest of the outdoor areas had more than enough light. I tried to fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling the mod in the nexus mod manager. I started up the game to see if this had fixed my problem but as it was daytime in that save i decided to do a bit of exploring and found that when my head went underwater the entire screen was covered by a single sea-green color and that i couldn't see anything at all. I looked around for a bit to find a fix but the fixes i found all caused the water to loose the look of being underwater by either taking away the color and the blur one gets from being underwater, by just taking away the blurriness and the fog that limits underwater view ("the green water fix" mod on nexus), i then tried to download the pure waters mod as this seemed to fix the problem for some people but did absolutely nothing for me. The only page i could find that had a person who shared my wanting of the underwater effect back in its entirety was in an ancient forum and in the end they didn't even try the things suggested (which i did without success), instead he wound up uninstalling and reinstalling his game. Now i would like to avoid re-installation of skyrim as my PC takes quite a few hours to install any game of substantial size, then it would take another good few hours to reinstall all the mods (sadly i simply don't have that kind of time right now and wont for quiet a while). I did notice in my reasearch to fix this bug that this may not be a mod issue as its a bug that also occurs in the base game. So looong story shot, i have the infamous green water glitch with no idea what caused it and no idea of how to PROPERLY fix it (not just doing a half-assed "hey i can see!! Wait.. i can see absolutely everything that's underwater for miles.. welp, forget immersion" i will try nearly anything that is suggested and i will test it as soon as i can.
  3. Been digging around for a few days - and I've found that in general, even without mods, I cannot have "bInvalidateOlderFiles=1" set in the custom.ini file. I was wondering if anyone here has any information/advice on the matter.
  4. Hello there. First of all, I have a little trouble navigating this website and finding out what to post where and how to post it. So this post might just be in the most awkward place possible. But never mind that. I actually had just one tiny question: Is it possible to send Gopher Fan Art? If so, how? Or is it at all possible to send Quarico Fan Art? If someone could help me out there I'd really appreciate that. Thank you for reading.
  5. HPPotty

    a bit stuck...

    Hi all, Quite new to this minecraft on pc stuff and think I may be a bit lost. I followed all directions to get to the server but no joy; all it comes up with is this.. Welcome to nginx! If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working. Further configuration is required. For online documentation and support please refer to nginx.org. Commercial support is available at nginx.com. Thank you for using nginx. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I'm running windows 10.
  6. Project cancelled.
  7. Hi, after Mod Organiser updated, I've been having a huge issue with FNV, that I've detailed on this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/FalloutMods/comments/4n16ft/fnv_help_game_is_crashing_at_main_menu_vanilla/ Can any of you help? Thanks, Brin
  8. Whenever I equip hoods (vanilla hoods), I instantly CTD. I've only tested it on the mage hoods, but I presume other hoods not added by mods CTD as well (and the hoods added by mods do not cause me to CTD). I tested it out on a vanilla game, no issues. Something on my load order is causing it, but I do not know what. So, I am posting this here in the hopes that someone can help me. Load Order (put under a spoiler so the post is not huge):
  9. A discussion created for people to post their pc builds and have others review them, check for issues, or simply advise on. Here is mine. Is everything compatible? Do I need any other parts? What do you think of the parts? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/t3X7xr
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